Girls just Wanna have Fun

Submitted by lex on August 19, 2013

Thailand is an ideal destination for brides-to-be, the maid of honour and the rest of the bride’s girlfriends can kick back and enjoy a few days of fun together before the single girl becomes a married lady. A luxurious private villa is the perfect place to enjoy a few hours of giggly fun before the big day.

In the West, hen parties and stag dos are often the most fun aspects of getting married, and even without the Bangkok Wolfpack legends, Thailand is also a great place for a pre-wedding party.

While stags visiting islands like Phuket and Koh Samui tend to enjoy a wild night out in the buzzing bars of the main beach towns, the hens often have just as much fun enjoying an indulgent evening within the four walls of their luxurious private villa.

A host of activities can be combined to create the ultimate hen party and most of them can be fun with, or even without alcohol! The diversions don’t have to stop after the night of the party either; they can continue right up to the morning of the wedding day, allowing the bride to enjoy the last few hours of single life to the max.

DIY Cocktail Party

There aren’t many girls who don’t love a good cocktail. Whether you are a Sex and the City babe who loves her Cosmopolitans or more of a classy 007 Martini fan, a cocktail evening in your private villa is always guaranteed to make the night special. You don’t even need a professional mixologist to enjoy a wide selection of cocktails. All you need is a few recipes, a host of basic ingredients and an exciting music playlist blasting through the villa sound system. Ladies who want to give the evening more of a Thai twist can even try their hand at experimenting with some of the local fruits to make the ultimate exotic refresher.

Villa movie night

While a night spent chilling out in the villa may seem boring for some, it is heaven for others. If the bride and her wedding guests are exhausted from a long plane ride to the Land of Smiles, they can kick back with some delicious sugary snacks and a few chick flicks to enjoy in the villa’s flat screen TV or private cinema room. Whether you are in the mood for a few rom-coms or a terrifying thriller, gorging on popcorn (and a few bottles of wine) may be just the kind of evening everyone needs before the big day.

Spa evening

For a real pampering treat, some brides choose to have a spa hen party. The personal concierge or villa manager can arrange for a professional masseuse (or even a team of them) to come to the property and perform relaxing treatments for guests. Whether you are in the mood for a manicure, a facial or a head massage, a spa evening can be the perfect way to wind down and prepare for a busy wedding day.

Beach barbecue

A barbecue by the pool of the private villa, or even right on the beach close-by, is a great way to spend a tropical pre-wedding evening. Ladies can gather to watch the sunset with a cocktail before gorge themselves on freshly caught lobster, shrimp and grilled tuna prepared by the private chef. Then crack open the champagne, make a toast good friends and happy families, and dance the night away under the stars.

Pre-wedding makeover

At a wedding, it is not just the bride that wants to look her very best. The bridesmaids, girlfriends and aunties all like to make the most of the day and look their best. Private villas ate the best place to throw mini makeup parties before the wedding begins. The villa staff can arrange for professional makeup artists to style each of the ladies in the bridal party, guaranteeing everyone feels like a million dollars. A couple of glasses of chilled Prosecco will get the party moving, as well as banishing any pre-wedding jitters.






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