Flavour for your Favours

Submitted by CLX-view on May 18, 2015

If you want to treat your guests to some extra-special wedding favours, then look no further than the Land of Smiles for inspiration on adorable gifts and trinkets.

Traditionally, wedding favours are small gifts that the bride and groom give to their guests as a token of appreciation on their wedding day. In fact, the idea of giving wedding favours originated in 13th century France, where the aristocracy used to display their wealth by gifting decorative trinket boxes filled with sweets.

More than 700 years later, the tradition is still going strong and an increasing number of couples are getting creative when it comes to the wedding favours they choose.

If you are getting married in Thailand, then the rich natural and  cultural surroundings provide plenty of inspiration for some fab wedding favours.

Charming Knick-Knacks

Your guests have flown thousands of miles to attend your wedding in Thailand, so why not give them a souvenir that will always remind them of the Kingdom’s unique culture? Whether you are tying the knot on Phuket or Samui, a trip to the local market provide plenty of ideas because many of the stalls offer an array of cute knick-knacks that your guests will love. If Thailand’s spirituality is one of the main things that attracted you and your loved one to the Kingdom, a small carved Buddha statue would be an ideal favour. However, if you want to give the traditional idea of a trinket box a go, why not pick up an adorable elephant engraved box/

Silky Treats

Fine silks and fabrics are available all over Thailand. So whether you are attracted by a colourful silk scarf or a striking silk purse, there is no doubt that these wonderful accessories make beautiful gifts for your wedding favours. Silk accessories are also light and easy for visitors to take back home, and they won’t take up too much space in anyone’s suitcase. Jim Thompson is the go-to boutique for silk accessories in Thailand, however, many of the Kingdom’s markets are also filled to the rafters with pretty silk adornments.

Spice up Your Life

If you are a practical couple then you may want to get your guests something Thai-themed that they will be able to use back home. Spices and sauces are a wonderful idea, particularly for guests that want tol savour the flavours of Thailand when they return to their own kitchen. If you want to give your spicy gift a personal touch, you can make your own labels for each spice in order to co-ordinate the favours with your décor theme.


Giving Back

An increasing number of newly-weds are choosing to give a little something back on their wedding day by presenting guests with an extra special wedding favour – a charity donation made in their name. This is a lovely idea for a party favour, no matter where you are hosting your wedding and there are plenty of local charities in Thailand dedicated to supporting worthy causes. For example, if you are an animal lover, why not make your guests’ donations to the local elephant sanctuary?

Look Your Best

Handmade soaps are another great idea for Thai-themed wedding favours. Not only are they colourful, sweet-smelling and practical, but many of the handcrafted soaps you see on sale in boutiques across the country are produced in local communities, so you can boost the local economy with your choice. Srann soaps, for example, are crafted by women in rural areas of Thailand so they can support their families without having to leave home and find work. Selecting an array of aromas for your handmade, organic soaps is also fun, and a great way to encapsulate the flavours of Thailand, whether you opt for mango-scented soap or frangipani.



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