Legal Registration FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions about how to legally get married in Thailand

Q. Can we legally get married in Thailand?
A: Yes, non-Thai couples or Thai National and foreigner couples can get married in Thailand. It is easy to arrange and can be quickly accomplished but you must prepare all the necessary paperwork to submit at your embassy or consulate in Bangkok first.

Q: My partner and I are different nationalities; can we still get married in Thailand?
A: Yes, you can. Couples of different nationalities will need to visit two different embassies to complete the relevant paperwork.

Q: How many days we will be required to complete the process in Bangkok?
A: It depends on your embassy. It might take only half a day or up to 3 days.

Q: Can anyone arrange an agent in Bangkok for us?
A: Yes, we can arrange an agent in Bangkok for you. They will meet with you at your embassy and help with the paperwork. They will get your necessary paperwork translated and deposit to the Thai Foreign Ministry. Their service fee is THB 5,000 per person and all embassy fees will be on your account.

Q: Will my marriage be valid in my own country?
A: Yes, if you acquire Marriage License and Marriage Certificate from the official in Thailand.

Q: Can we appoint the Registrar to complete the Marriage Certificate at our wedding ceremony?
A: Yes, you can and THB 5,000 administration fee is required for the registrar. Once you receive your Marriage License, our Wedding Planner will submit the paperwork to the City Hall to register the marriage and make an appointment for the registrar to come on your wedding day.