Fabulous Wedding Party Favours

Submitted by lex on June 3, 2014

Give your guests a sweet surprise by treating them to a few unusual party favours to your wedding.

If you are tying the knot on a tropical island in Thailand, you may want to add a local twist to some traditions of the day. Couples that want to treat their guests to something special should consider giving away party favours – perhaps one of the most enduring wedding traditions to choose.

The practice of offering party guests small gifts as a memento of a special occasion was started hundreds of years ago by European aristocrats. The first wedding favours were known as bonbonnieres – intricate boxes decorated with precious crystals and gems containing sugary treats for guests to enjoy. Beautiful bonbonnieres were eventually replaced with almonds, but today, brides and grooms can pick just about anything to surprise their guests.

Here are a few ideas…

Fan Fair

It’s a warm sunny afternoon on Koh Samui, and the air-conditioned villa is only metres away… but the view of sunset won’t be quite as good if you aren’t standing on the pool terrace with the other wedding guests. So how do your keep cool? With a bespoke party favour fan. Brides and grooms can personalize these eminently practical party favours with their names, the wedding date, and even by using the same colours and themes as the wedding decor and stationery. It's also a great practical keepsake that guests will want to hold onto for the rest of their holiday in the tropics.

The Food of Love

Instead of offering your guests standard party macaroons, why not put a Thai spin on your wedding favours by setting out some traditional Thai desserts for your guests? As well as tasting absolutely delicious, many Thai puddings also have their own symbolic meaning. Look Choop (pictured) is meant to symbolise adoration and love, and is an extremely popular kind of hand made candy. The sweets originated in the royal courts of ancient Siam, as the royal family were said to have enjoyed munching on candies shaped like oranges, bananas and mangosteens. As well as tasting delicious; Look Choop will add a vibrant pop of colour to your wedding tables.

A Mouthwatering Blessing

Many couples saying their vows in Thailand enjoy embracing the spiritual side of the nation’s culture. If this is you, maybe the nine auspicious Thai desserts commonly used as blessings in Buddhist ceremonies would be the ideal party favour at your wedding. The desserts are often given as gifts to symbolize prosperity, glory and high esteem. Perhaps the most delicious of all is Foi Thong, a delectably sweet pom-pom made of golden threads of egg yolk and sugar. This tasty treat is said to bring the continuous wealth to its recipient.

Light up the Smiles

In Thailand, light is incorporated into most wedding ceremonies as a way of blessing the happy couple with good luck. In Western cultures, wedding celebrations are often rounded off with fireworks, while in the East, lanterns are released into the sky. If you want to incorporate this theme into your party favours, why not leave wedding themed sparklers out for your guests? Not only is it fun, but the crackle and colour of sparklers will offer up some amazing photo opportunities. Just make sure to have a few buckets of ice cold water around to cool hot used sparklers once they go out.

One for the Kids

If you are worried about little guests getting bored and wreaking havoc on your wedding day, why not give them party favours full of entertainment? Yo-Yo Me’s wedding box is full of fun goodies for little ones, and includes stickers, puzzles, colouring pencils and even mini disposable cameras. If you want to make your own, each little box of joy can be personalized to suit the recipient’s special interests, containing everything from toy planes to dress-the-dolly kits. It's a simple way to guarantee worry-free hours of best behaviour.




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