Embrace Thai Style on your Wedding Day

Submitted by CLX-view on November 30, 2016

If you’re planning to enhance your wedding in Thailand with a traditional Buddhist ceremony, then donning traditional Thai garments is a sure way to infuse the event with an authentic style and expression.

While many couples getting married in Thailand choose to wear the Western-style white fairy tale gowns and formal three-piece suits, plenty of others opt to don traditional Thai garments.

Classic outfits are still worn by many brides and grooms across the country, and traditionally, they can also be seen at a range of formal occasions.

The silk Thai bridal gown comes in a choice of around six styles, while men often mix and match traditional Thai-style silk trousers with a co-ordinated  Western suit-style jacket.

Below is  a collection of stunning wedding ensembles to inspire your own Thai outfit on the big day.

Off the Shoulder

A stunning blush-coloured gown is perfect for the bride who is searching for a dress  with all-out Thai wow factor. Usually, Thai wedding gowns like this one are made purely from cotton or silk, with no synthetic materials incorporated at all. This elaborate gown features a full wrap around sarong with two pleated folds at the front. The elegant one-shouldered sleeveless top is made of lavish Thai silk. The eye-catching over-the shoulder floor-length shawl is an optional extra for brides that want to wear a truly unforgettable outfit on their big day.

The Modest Look

If you don’t feel like  wearing one of the intricate off-the-shoulder gowns that are so popular with brides across the Thai Kingdom, then perhaps this classic high-necked ensemble is a better fit with your personal style preferences? Once again, this features a stunning floor-length skirt with two front pleats. The long sleeves are another classy touch, and the golden belt detail accentuates the bride’s waist. Tops in this style are traditionally buttoned at the front or back, so brides are free to choose an aesthetic that really fits with their own personal preferences. Historically, the style and colour of the wedding gowns worn by Thai brides varied depending on the region they were from.

Gold Rush

An  ornate, close-fitting gown is the perfect choice for brides that want to re-create a splendid, lavish look. Many Thai bridal gowns are embellished with stunning gold and brightly coloured gemstones, but this bride’s intricate gold lace decorative mesh takes this theme to a whole new level. Gold and silver threads are often woven into the silk fabric in order to create a more luxurious effect. Gold jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, belts and brooches are usually worn to complete the look.

Traditional Thai groom

A  Thai groom’s garb may seem distinctly traditional, but the ‘suea phararathchathan’ jacket was actually  first worn in the mid-20th century by the Thai royal family. It features a standing Mandarin collar of about 3-4cm in height that slightly tapers in at the sides. Jackets in this style come with both short and long sleeves, and are often worn with an ornate decorative silk sash draped over the shoulder. The smart jacket is paired with smart suit trousers. Many grooms opt for a white ensemble, although there are plenty that choose brighter colours to add a vivid flash of light to their outfits.

Mix and Match

Originally, the Thai style of wedding trousers was designed to be loose and comfortable in the warm local  climate. Ideal for casual wear in the tropics, the design has now evolved to encompass more lavish, silk wedding attire. The  modern Thai groom can even choose to  pair his pants with a stylish Western suit jacket and tie, creating a striking ensemble that presents the best of both worlds. One of the most appealing aspects of a destination wedding is that you too are free to pick and choose every detail of your wedding day, incorporating traditions from back home as well as those from Thai culture.



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