Dressing the Groom

Submitted by lex on February 18, 2014

A wedding day celebrates the union of two people, and that’s why the same attention to detail should be paid to a groom’s suit as it is to a bride’s wedding dress. We have collected a few style guidelines for fashion-forward grooms tying the knot in the tropics.

No matter where you choose to hold your wedding, the bride is always destined to be the glittering star of the show. But that doesn’t mean the groom has to be left trailing in the shadow cast by her stunning wedding dress. Every groom wants to look super sharp on his special day, so it is worth investing in an elegant outfit that will stand the test of time in the wedding photographs.

It’s also important for the groom’s outfit to reflect his personality, and that it remains comfortable throughout the day  after all, he’s less likely than the bride to change after the ceremony. So the key is to balance comfort, practicality and style.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve a suave, sensitive but masculine style on your wedding day.

Beach Groom

Rather than contending with cloudy skies and rainfall, couples that choose to say their vows in tropical destinations are usually blessed with sunny skies and warm breezes. However, with dazzling sunlight comes higher temperatures and it is essential that the heat be taken into consideration when selecting a wedding outfit. The weight of a suit’s fabric is one consideration when it comes to keeping cool, and light fabrics such as linen do well in the heat. Grooms getting married on the beach often choose to dress down for the big day, doing away with traditional ties, waist coats and shiny leather shoes. After all, even if you are getting married in the smartest of suits, it never looks quite so stylish when you’re sweating buckets under three layers of fabric. Beach weddings are therefore the perfect excuse to bring out a pair of smart shorts.

Bespoke Celebration, Bespoke suit

If you ever wanted to have a made-to-measure suit, your wedding day is a good time to do it. To strike the same effortless suave style as James Bond, many men add unique characteristics to their bespoke suits, from the design itself, to buttons and patterned linings. Thailand, in particular,  is home to hundreds of professional tailors that can make up a sharp suit to your specification at a reasonable price. Any reputable wedding planner will be able to recommend the best tailors in the area, whether you are getting married in Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui.

Attention to Detail

Accessories make the man in much the same way as jewellery makes the woman. Grooms that pay extra attention to detail by wearing braces, tie clips or cuff links can create their own special style statement on their wedding day. There is also a growing trend among couples to buy accessories, like cufflinks, as a keepsake gift for all the groomsmen, customised with detailed engravings of the wedding’s date or location to add an extra personal touch to the look of the outfit, and the gift.

Colour Chameleon

When considering the odour and shade of your wedding suit, it is essential that it complements the overall colours, textures and style of the rest of the wedding decor. No bride will be happy to see her husband-to-be wearing a suit that clashes horribly with the carefully selected boutonnieres. If you are having a bespoke suit made up by your tailor, take a colour swatch with you to make sure everything matches. It is also worth considering the effect of heat on colour. While darker colours such as navy or grey are popular in the West, lighter colours in the beige and cream families will be more practical for reflecting the heat of the tropical sun.

Sense of Location

A grooms wedding outfit can also be chosen to match the culture of the location. For example, If you’re tying the knot with a traditional Thai ceremony and indulging on a spicy feast for your wedding banquet. Why not go all out and get married in a traditional Thai costume as well? The vivid colours and silks of Thailand’s traditional garments will make your wedding photographs something to remember, and also provide an opportunity for a little extra fun dressing up for the big day.






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