Delight your Wedding Guests

Submitted by CLX-view on February 10, 2015

If your guests have travelled thousands of miles to share you and your partner’s big day, then why not treat them to a few special wedding day experiences?

Thanks to Thailand’s blissful tropical climate, rich cultural heritage and top notch hospitality there is very little a bride and groom have to do to impress their guests during a destination wedding. However, a great way to give family and friends a wedding celebration they will remember for years is to add a few extra elements to the festivities.

Whether this involves an excursion after the ceremony or some special entertainment at the reception; the choices are vast – and every couple will know what is likely to get the best response.

Below are a few ideas to inspire you...

Guest of Honour

In Thailand, there is no animal more cherished than the elephant – which just happens to be the Kingdom’s national symbol too. Get your wedding celebrations off to a roaring start by arriving on the back of one of these stunning creatures. Whether it is just the bride settled atop this adorable new wedding guest, or both bride and groom, it’s a wedding wonder that is sure to knock your guests’ socks off. Not only is entering in this fashion a nod to Thai tradition, but it is also a wonderful chance for guests to snap some sensational photographs.

Beat It

If making a surprise entrance on the back of an elephant doesn’t have enough of the wow factor for you, treat your guests to a lively, brightly coloured start to the proceedings traditional Thai drum and dance procession. According to Thai custom, weddings or big celebrations often begin with a lively percussion performance, which is usually accompanied by the graceful choreography of traditional Thai dancers clad in a rainbow of vivid silks. This is another cultural treat your guests are not likely to forget, and it will definitely be a topic of conversation at the reception and dinner.

Head for the Horizon

When your idyllic ocean-side wedding ceremony is over, rather than heading back up to your private villa to tuck into the wedding meal straight away, why not spoil your guests with a spin around the island on a privately chartered yacht at what is arguably the most beautiful (and most romantic) time of day. Thailand’s spectacular coastline is best seen from the sea, and especially when it's lit up by the coral colours of sunset. A few glasses of champagne accompanied by some delectable appetizers will have your guests in just the right celebratory mood as they anticipate the feast and party ahead.

Flash Dance

While it may be a traditional part of many western wedding celebrations, the bride and groom's first dance can often feel a little tired. Instead, why not use your first dance to liven things up and really get the party going? If you are not known for your moves on the dancefloor, it might be worth investing in a few classes in advance of your wedding day. That way, your elegance and grace will have guests’ jaws dropping. If you are a couple with a sense of humour, you could even bust out a novelty routine to your favourite party anthem.If you need some comedy inspiration, simply watch how this couple did it:

Funky Fire Starter

One the party moves into full swing, you can wow your guests with one last surprise before they get too tired from all the food and fun. Many couples arrange a dramatic firework display to round off the wedding day proceedings, but in Thailand you can do things the local way and hire a fire dancer to give a dazzling performance before the rockets go off. More acrobats than dancers, many Thai performers twist and turn to the music, never missing a beat as they toss their sparkling rods of fire into the air, making shimmering arcs of light. After a few minutes of explosive performance, followed by a display in the sky, your guests are sure to find their second wind and continue partying into the small hours.




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