Delectable Wedding Desserts

Submitted by lex on September 8, 2014

This year’s sweetest dessert trends will make your mouth water with everything from miniature macaroons to dreamy crème brûlées.

Picking out your wedding menu can be a lot of fun, particularly when it comes to the dessert section. Couples celebrating their big day in Thailand are spoilt for choice with the array of fine bakeries and patisseries that are available to craft the desserts of their dreams. Desserts can be personalised to match the theme of the wedding, and the bride and groom are free to serve them as appetisers, a pudding to end a sit-down formal dinner, or as part of the classic wedding cake cutting ceremony. Here is our pick of the top sweet treats to incorporate into your villa wedding menu.

Vive la France

For traditional couples that are sticking to a Western style three-course formal wedding breakfast, a crème brûlée is a simple yet delectable dessert to finish off the meal. This pudding, created simply from a sumptuous mix of double cream, egg yolks and sugar, can be served hot or cold with a tangy fruit garnish adding a juicy complement to this treat. To present the crème brûlée with a Thai twist, opt for an aromatic lemongrass-kaffir lime version of the French classic.

Sweets for my Sweet

One of the biggest foodie trends sweeping weddings this year has to be the desserts bar. Couples simply arrange a delectable buffet of all of their sugary favourites for guests to help themselves to. Sweets can include lollipops, bonbons and sherbets, and even any retro favourites from the couple's childhood such as liquorice, sugar mice or gummy bears. Laying out the dessert table in this style also offers couples the chance to get creative in terms of how the desserts are presented, and guests can also bring some treats back in a personalised wedding favour bag.

Time for Thai

If you have travelled to Thailand for your wedding, you may prefer to introduce a few Thai desserts into your menu following a feast of curries and soups. At traditional Thai weddings, nine auspicious Thai desserts are usually presented, each of which symbolise luck and harmony. Couples may wish to incorporate one (or a few) of the delicacies into their dessert offerings – foy tong,  a delicacy of sweet shredded egg yolk, often goes down well when it is used as topping for cupcakes.

Go Classic with Cake

Another of this year’s most popular wedding trends offers a twist on the traditional wedding cake, by doing everything in miniature. There is no shortage of tasty treats that you can shrink down to cute individual portions, however, with the array of first-rate patisseries across Phuket and Samui, couples may wish to have an elegant two-tier wedding cake. Whether you are a fan of simple vanilla, lemon sponge or chocolate, each sweet creation can be adapted to your personal tastes, before being exquisitely decorated to match the chosen wedding theme.

Dim Sum Dessert

A dim sum dessert platter, so named for their bite-sized portions, goes down well anywhere – whether you are at a wedding, or enjoying a sit-down dinner party with friends. Simply pick two or three of your favourite desserts, miniaturise them, and serve on a mini platter to each guest. The colourful presentation is sure to delight, and the symphony of contrasting flavours is guaranteed to have your guests begging for more. Dessert dim sum can be adapted to suit your favourite treats, whether you are a chocoholic or a mango maniac.



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