Creative with Colour

Submitted by CLX-view on March 9, 2015

Pantone’s latest collection of colours provides a panoply of vivid offerings for brides and grooms seeking some inspiration for their big day.

Choosing the colour of your wedding dress may not present a massive challenge, but choosing the colour palette for your décor can often be a little more tricky – particularly when you have to co-ordinate the palette with a rainbow of bridesmaids outfits and – in the case of a beach wedding – the vivid colours of the tropical surroundings.

Pantone’s latest colour collection offers brides and grooms to be  the much-needed inspiration they may be searching for. The latest selection includes a pleasant palette of pastels, punctuated with an eye-catching infusion of rich masala and classic blue – all of which is sure to transformstandard wedding décor into a feast for the eyes.

Below are a few notable hues to consider for your wedding scheme.

Amazing Aquamarine

If you are a fan of the ocean; Pantone’s latest shade of aquamarine is definitely the way to go. Anticipated to be one of the most popular colours for spring weddings this year, aquamarine will make a splash whether it is used for bridesmaid dresses or overall décor. This ocean-inspired hue is set off best by a flash or pale rose pink or a vivid, rusty orange for couples that want to get a bit more daring in their décor choices. Think of dusty pink centrepieces set off by aquamarine place settings… perfect.

Into the Blue

Many people come to Thailand to discover the fascinating world beneath the surface of the ocean. If this is you, then maybe scuba blue will be the Pantone shade that captures your imagination when it comes to wedding décor. To maximise the potential of this fresh, tropical colour, avoid mixing it with too many other vibrant hues that could cause a colour clash. Instead, pair with clean and simple pops of white, or even a sliver of canary yellow if you are a fan of bright colours.

Go Green

If the sparkling sea provides more than enough blue for the backdrop to your wedding day, Pantone’s new Lucite Green offers a contrasting shade that still fits with a tropical seaside theme. This elegant shade works well with other cool shades from the colour wheel, including classic or scuba blue. If you want to steer clear of blue altogether, then a sprinkling of white or even pale gold will make your green shine.

Classic Choice

If you want to keep things traditional, classic blue is the traditional wedding colour, and works wonderfully in all rustic seaside chic décor themes. This is one of the stronger shades from Pantone’s latest palette, so it's best to match it with something not too overwhelming. A bright white table settings dotted with starfish, seaside pebbles and classic blue burlap bunting will do the trick.

Flash of Warmth

If you and your partner are in search of a warmer hue to match the heady temperatures at your exotic destination wedding, then strawberry Ice provides an elegant alternative to loud colours like magenta or scarlet. To prevent your delicate decorations from becoming too ‘girly’, you can pair them with Toasted Almond, which is  a wonderful, subdued hue to smooth out the colour palette. Toasted Almond is also a great neutral to pair with pastels if you want to tone things down a little.



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