Best time for a Wedding in Thailand?

Submitted by lex on September 3, 2013

Don’t let the weather rain on your wedding day parade. It may be impossible to control the weather, or even predict it 100 percent of the time, but a little bit of research and forward planning can make all the difference when it comes to selecting the date of your wedding in Thailand.

Most brides have fantasies about their perfect wedding day from around the age of five, but the fantasy rarely includes dark clouds or bucket loads of rain. Unfortunately, in most countries across Europe, rain is often a gloomy spectre that can threaten to spoil a wedding day, which is one of the reasons why more and more couples are jetting off to Thailand for a warm and sunny destination wedding.

While Thailand offers stunning beaches and gorgeous weather for most of the year; brides and grooms should also consider the country's tropical heat, as well as the annual advent of the rainy season. Few people realise that the east and west coast of southern Thailand experience completely different weather systems, so a little homework on Thailand’s unique weather patterns can go a long way in helping you pick the perfect time of year to tie the knot.

In the Glorious Thai Gulf

The Gulf of Thailand lies off the east coast of the country’s mainland peninsular, and is home to a vast archipelago of islands that includes Koh Samui – one of the Kingdom’s top wedding destinations. Couples planning a wedding on Samui should be advised that the Gulf of Thailand actually has two short rainy seasons, as opposed to one long one. These rainy seasons occur roughly in November/ December and June/ July. The full spread of islands off Thailand’s east coast do experience some rain and grey clouds at other times of the year, but by making your way to Samui outside the two main wet seasons, you minimise the risk of a downpour.

Andaman Adventure

The Andaman Sea bathes Thailand’s west coast, and is home to the island of Phuket, now commonly referred to as “The Pearl of the Andaman”. Unlike Koh Samui, islands in the Andaman experience a longer wet season every year, which generally lasts from July to October. During this season, it definitely doesn't rain every day, but there can be extended periods of rain with late afternoon or early evening showers quite common. If your heart is set on a sunny, blue-sky wedding on Phuket, the best time to head to the island is therefore from December to May.

An economic alternative

For the bride and groom on a budget, saying your “I do’s” during the rainy season definitely means savings. Flights can often be cheaper, as it is not peak season, and the islands tend to be less crowded if you are after a little peace and quiet for your wedding and honeymoon. Couples should also remember that even at the height of the wet season it rarely rains all day, so if you plan ahead to keep the proceedings indoors from around 4pm – 7pm, you will generally be okay. Some couples even follow the Thai tradition of holding the wedding ceremony in the early morning to beat the heat and enjoy the sun's warm glow before the storm clouds gather.

Just in case

Of course, couples who plan ahead and do their weather research can still get hit by a tropical storm, but all is not lost. While brides and grooms may have pictured their nuptials taking place on an idyllic beach, the luxurious and exclusive surroundings of a beachside private villa offer an attractive alternative. Not only will guests remain dry, but the close proximity of air conditioners also offers the chance to stay cool and elegant throughout the day. The Signature Weddings are able to customise villa interiors with decorations including traditional Thai lotus and orchid blooms, adding an authentic fragrant twist to the ceremony.

Look on the bright side


It is unlikely that anyone dreams of a rainy wedding day, but there are a number of advantages that a few showers can add to the celebrations. For example, the colour saturation in your rainy wedding photographs will be a lot more aesthetically pleasing than photographs taken in harsh or garish sunlight. Investing in a set of umbrellas will save elaborate hair and makeup from being ruined by the rain, and ultimately, bringing out the rain gear and getting on with having a good time will take the edge off the formalities and allow the bride, groom and guests to forget the negatives and focus purely on having the best day of their lives.

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