Best of All Private Worlds

Submitted by CLX-view on March 21, 2017

Many of Thailand’s fantastic private holiday villas make for the ideal venue for a tropical wedding celebration and even a secluded honeymoon haven – sometimes all three in one memorable trip.

In addition to being one of the world’s most beautiful hotspots when it comes to stunning beach scenery, Thailand is also home to top-notch hospitality choices  – including an irresistible choice of private villas.

As well as offering a five-star boutique accommodation experience, many of the larger mansion-style properties double up as spectacular wedding venues.

Another advantage offered by these exclusive properties is that the bride and groom can also enjoy them as a romantic tropical honeymoon paradise once the wedding party is over.

Below are some of the top features that make Thailand’s finest villas the perfect place for your wedding celebrations and honeymoon getaway.

Space to Entertain

If you’re entertaining 50 wedding guests on your big day, it’s important that they have plenty of space to spread out and relax. This isn’t a problem in one of Thailand’s opulent private villas, as there’s usually a wealth of communal spaces for guests to enjoy. Inside Koh Samui’s Ban Suriya, for example, there’s an upstairs mezzanine deck which is perfect for mingling with champagne, and a sunken library-cum-lounge that features a window directly into the pool. These plush spaces also provide comfortable areas for the bride and groom to put their feet up and chill out, whether they’re enjoying a bottle of red a few days after the ceremony, or cuddling up to read together on the sofa.

Perfect Photo Backdrop

Many villas in coastal boltholes like Phuket and Koh Samui also feature direct access to the beach, which is great news if you want to incorporate a hand-in-hand moonlit strolls into your honeymoon itinerary. The beach is also the perfect place to try out a few new watersports, such as kayaking or paddle boarding, as a newly-married couple. Of course, many couples head to tropical destinations like Thailand to say their vows with the sand between their toes. As such, the beach adjoining your private villa is an excellent place to set up the aisle – especially if you want to create an exotic ceremony with real wow factor.

Private Haven

If you and your closest loved ones are staying in your villa for the wedding day, you might be wondering how the bedroom and bathroom facilities translate to being used by 50+ guess on the wedding day itself. In many of Thailand’s most luxurious villas, like Samui’s Ban Suriya, there are six or seven bathrooms for guests to make use of – most of which are ensuite. The clever design of the bathrooms means that the bedrooms can be shut off and locked from their individual bedroom suites and entered from a separate door that leads directly onto the pool terrace. This means guests can be sure that there sleeping quarters remain private and secure.

Home From Home

If you’re a fan of quiet, relaxing nights in with your loved one, then Thailand’s finest private villas serve up an array of chill-out options. Dedicated movie rooms, pool tables, and games rooms set up with games consoles mean that there’s always something to do if you don’t feel like going out. These areas of the villa also work wonderfully if you’re having little ones or teenagers at your wedding, because you can set up dedicated zones for them to go and chill out when the ‘grown up’ talk all gets a little too boring.

Delightful Dips

Last but by no means least, a stunning infinity pool set up at the heart of the property is a wonderful highlight - whether you’re planning on enjoying a honeymoon in the villa, or hosting your wedding there as well. A post-wedding pool party is an excellent way for guests to wind down before heading their separate ways, and a great way to extend the celebrations to last for another day, too. Of course, a private pool is also great for newlyweds as they’ll be able to relax, cuddle and sunbathe in total privacy.


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