Benefits of Experience

Submitted by CLX-view on April 26, 2017

If you’re getting married in one of Thailand’s luxurious private villas, an experienced team of resident staff will be on hand to help take away the stress so that you can relax and enjoy the celebration as much as your guests.

You’ve spent months and months building up to the big day, and when it finally comes around, you might still find that you’ve got a to-do list a mile long to get through before you can actually sit back and enjoy the celebration.

Luckily for brides and grooms getting married in one of Thailand’s private villas, the property’s dedicated team of staff have generally helped organise and run weddings at the villa before, and along with the dedicated wedding team, they can do plenty during the run-up to the big day – and also on the day itself – to ease the pressure.

Whether its decorating the communal spaces in advance, or making sure the food and drinks are served promptly after the ceremony to keep guests happy, the in-house staff at one of Thailand’s luxury villas are used to making everything run as smoothly as possible.

Below are a few ways they might be able to help you out on your wedding day.

Food on the Go

Eating a good breakfast and lunch on the day of your wedding is vital – you’re going to need energy if you’re into the small hours with your friends and family. However, getting ready can be hectic – especially if you’ve got make-up artists, manicurists and hairdressers coming to your private villa to help you prepare. Your villa manager will be able to lay on a delicious breakfast or lunch buffet in the area where the groomsmen or bridesmaids are getting ready. That way, everyone will be able to nibble on delicious goodies whenever they’re feeling peckish, without having to sit down and take half an hour out to eat a full meal.

Organisation & Efficiency

With the bride herself, several bridesmaids and maybe even a flower girl all getting ready at once, things can get pretty cluttered in the hair and makeup room. The same goes for the space where the groom and his groomsmen are getting ready. The staff at a private villa will help ensure the space remains clean, tidy and organised as you move from one stage of getting ready to the next. From hanging up suits and dresses to laying out jewellery and tidying away makeup and beautifying lotions and potions, they’ve got you covered.

Looking Good

On the big day, there’s a high chance that you’re going to be too busy to lay out all of the centrepieces, chair embellishments and other hanging ornaments you have prepared to decorate your private villa. If this is the case, you can make a plan with your villa manager for the villa staff to carry out this duty instead. Having a walk-through of the entire decorative scheme with your villa manager a couple of days before the event will ensure that staff know exactly how you want your carefully-chosen decorations to be positioned so the property looks at its best before guests start arriving.

Perfect Hosts

It’s possible that some of your friends and loved ones might not be arriving in Thailand until the very day of the ceremony. If they are staying at your private villa, you don’t have time to worry about directing them to the right bedrooms or giving them a tour of the property – you’re going to be too busy practicing saying your vows! Luckily, your villa’s staff can easily step into the hosting role and give new arrivals a full tour of the villa so you don’t have to. They can also ensure guests are well-fed, watered and settled in before they attend to their other wedding day duties.

Everyone into Position

Last but not least, your staff team may be extra valuable when it comes to directing guests to the right place when it’s time for the wedding ceremony to start.  You may need to have one member of staff near the door to let guests in. They will also be able to direct people to the area where they can pick up their welcome drink. When it comes to ushering guests down to the beach or poolside for the ceremony, your villa’s staff can assist the bridesmaids or groomsmen who may also have other duties to perform, or just want to enjoy the moment.


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