Beautiful Bridesmaids

Submitted by CLX-view on January 7, 2015

When you are planning your wedding, deciding on a gown for yourself can be a big enough challenge, let alone when it comes to choosing your bridesmaids’ gowns.

In most cases, your bridesmaids are your best girlfriends that have stood by you through thick and thin, so it’s important to make them feel special on your wedding day too.

However, if you have decided to choose a large number of bridesmaids, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is happy with everything – particularly when it comes to planning who wears which frock!

From brightly coloured floor length gowns with pearl embellishments, to simple knee-length satin dresses, the choice of bridesmaids outfits is endless.

Below are a few tips to help make your bridesmaids shine.

Little Mix

Gone are the days when bridesmaid dresses had to match each other like some kind of uniform. Nowadays, an increasing number of brides are getting creative when it comes to their bridesmaids gowns. The most important thing is to choose gowns that will flatter each bridesmaid’s best assets – after all, why would you package a petite, curvy bridesmaid in the same outfit as a tall, athletic one? If you’re having doubts about what each of your ladies would like, talk to them and brainstorm some ideas. Better still, if you’re a laid back bride, let your ladies choose their own dresses.

Style Essentials

On any wedding day, it’s the bride’s dress that is going to be the visual focal point so it's important to find bridesmaid dresses that flatter and complement the bridal gown rather than clashing with or detracting from it. First of all, think about your own gown. Is it traditional? Vintage? Modern? Bohemian? Next, think about your bridesmaid gowns, and try to find a style that matches the feel of your dress, but isn’t too similar.

Creative with Colour

In the same way that you want to celebrate the unique body shape of each of your bridesmaids, you will want to celebrate their unique colouring as well. While your favourite shade of yellow might look great on the bridesmaid with glowing olive skin, it might not look the same on your redhead friend with snow white skin, If you’re selected bridesmaids have a range of skin tones, go for one colour that flatters all. You can even opt for bridesmaid dresses in different shades of the same colour, if you want to keep things interesting. Daring brides who can’t get enough of colour are even selecting a rainbow of wedding gowns to include everything from peach to mauve – this is a great way to make sure everyone is happy.

The Organised Bride

If searching for your bridesmaid gowns is weighing you down, rope in your maid of honour for help – after all, that’s what she’s there for. Make notes beside each name and brainstorm ideas about what you think would look good on her, including style, shape and colour. If you’re more of a visual person, create a mood board of ideas for your bridesmaids' gowns, pinning on images, colours and swatches of material that inspire you. If you want to make a fun day of it, have a dress planning party with your bridesmaids. Get each of your ladies to collect a few inspirational objects and then bring them along on the day to discuss ideas – it’s a lovely way of making sure they feel included in the process.

Meet in the Middle

The golden rule to remember throughout the whole dress-finding process, is that it’s your big day. While your bridesmaids can offer ideas and insights, and even go dress shopping with you, it has to be something that you like and that fits in with your wedding theme. Keep an open mind about everything and be understanding when your bridesmaids offer their ideas, but bear in mind that they should always be there to support you in your decisions and help bring your fantasy wedding to life.




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