Beautiful Bouquets

Submitted by lex on October 8, 2014

Whether you are a traditional bride that wants to carry flowers, or an alternative bride who wants to do something a bit more unusual, the right bouquet can help your wedding-day ensemble shine.

Once upon a time, brides carried bouquets of flowers and herbs to ward off evil spirits that wanted to curse their marriages. Nowadays, most brides carry flowers down the aisle as symbols of love, beauty and fresh beginnings.

When it comes to wedding bouquets, roses symbolize everlasting love, lilies represent purity and ivy represents fidelity. However, what about a bouquet that represents you?

In recent years, an increasing number of brides are steering away from traditional flowers in favour of carrying a bouquet that better reflects their own passions and personality.

Below are some very original bouquet ideas. Not all to everyone's taste, perhaps, but striking nonetheless.

Music Lover

If music is your passion, then why not incorporate this into your floral wedding ensemble to strike a more alternative look? True rock 'n’ roll brides can create bouquets from real records by inserting flowers in the centre, and using the record as a kind of base. If you want to give your bouquet even more meaning, why not select records that have a special meaning or memory to you and your loved one?  If you are more of a fan of classical music, try creating paper flowers from pages of your favourite sheet music.

Float Away

If you are already floating high with happiness on your wedding day, then a balloon bouquet will help you soar that little bit higher. Not only do balloons add an element of fun to the wedding ceremony, but they also add a striking visual element to photographs. Use matching balloons if you want to co-ordinate with your bridesmaids, or even have every bridesmaid carrying a different colour to create a balloon rainbow through the wedding day. If you  have tiny tots as flower girls, balloons are destined to go down a treat.

Fantastic in Fabric

Green weddings are taking the world by storm, and a growing number of couples are seeking new ways to make their special day that little bit more eco-friendly. If this is you, why not try out fabric bouquets as opposed to real blooms? Colours can be selected to match the overall décor theme of your wedding, and emanate a striking shabby-chic effect. If you want something a little more elegant, select luxurious fabric like satin or silk to craft your bouquet. Fabric flowers are also great for crafty brides that want to lavish an extra flourish of creativity on their wedding day ensembles.

Vintage Flair

If you are going for a glittering Great Gatsby bride effect, a gleaming selection of brooches can help create the perfect bouquet for you. Whether you select a collection of brightly coloured modern brooches from your local arts and craft store or sparkling treasures, brooch bouquets have an effortlessly striking effect. If you want to incorporate a cherished family heirloom brooch into your wedding outfit as your ‘something old’, this may be the perfect way to do it. Just be careful not to lose your grandmother’s treasured keepsake when you toss the bouquet!

Fans of Feathers

If you’re getting married in Thailand, it can be useful to select a bouquet that has a practical purpose as well as a pretty one. As such, a bouquet that doubles up as a fan may be ideal for brides that want to keep cool when they are tying the knot under the warm rays of the Thai sun. Fan bouquets can be just as elegant as bouquets comprised of flowers, and they also introduce a touch of 18th century elegance to your wedding day – think Marie Antoinette at a lavish masked ball.



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