Beach Wedding Chic

Submitted by lex on July 7, 2013

Whether or not its the lucky lady who is getting married, every woman needs to look her best with a snappy wedding photographer in the vicinity. A strong sea breeze and sticky sand can make looking your best a challenge at a beach wedding.

While the pristine ivory beaches of Thailand provide the perfect backdrop for the wedding of a lifetime, maintaining an elegant and sophisticated style is not always easy in the Kingdom’s tropical climes. Carefully curled tresses can be blown out by a healthy sea breeze and luxurious, silky fabrics become more restrictive and uncomfortable as the day gets hotter.

By following a few simple tips, it is possible to sail through the seashore challenges with flying colours, and avoid the demise from stylish diva to shabby surfer.

The casual "up" hair do

In hot countries like Thailand, it is always more comfortable to wear your hair up and out of the way, whether you are at a wedding or merely enjoying drinks at a local bar. Practical does not have to be boring, and sophisticated "up dos" rocked by the likes of Natalie Portman add a distinct touch of elegance. Whether you opt for a loose chignon, a trendy top-knot or a braided style, the right choice of earrings will stop any up do from appearing too harsh around the face.

Light and bright

While it is usual for women to achieve a perfectly flawless complexion by applying a layer of foundation in cooler climates, this is usually a bad idea in Thailand – unless you want it dripping down your face. If you can’t bear the idea of going fresh faced, a good quality tinted moisturiser is much lighter on the skin and will hold up better in the heat. Spice things up with a brightly coloured kohl eyeliner and mascara and your game face is ready to go.

The perfect pashmina

A brightly coloured pashmina is the best accessory you can take to a wedding in Thailand. Not only do pashminas appear more elegant and formal than the average jacket, but they are a great way of keeping the sun off your shoulders during the day and excellent for a little extra warmth once temperatures drop in the evening. If you forget to pack yours, a rainbow of Thai silk pashminas can usually be found at most Thai fashion markets for reasonable prices.

Cotton, not silk

While this mantra works the other way round when it comes to chocolates, cotton is one of the best materials to wear when you want to stay cool. While they may not have the special sparkle of silk, light cotton garments allow the skin to breathe and are the perfect option for more casual beach weddings where you don’t want to be overly formal in your attire.

A shoe disaster

If you want to avoid sinking into the sand at a beach wedding, then it is wise to steer clear of stilettos. While these high-heeled wonders boost every woman’s height and confidence, there is nothing elegant about hobbling across the beach as you try not to let your heels disappear south. Special walkways can be arranged for the bride, but for her entourage, opting for a pair of stylish sandal wedges will not only give you a “sexy shoe boost”, but will also offer a lot more support and comfort as you dance the night away on the seashore.





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