Bali Targets Destination Weddings

Bali Targets Destination Weddings

Tourism authorities and stakeholders on the holiday island of Bali have outlined plans to make the island more attractive as a location for destination weddings. According to the Jakarta Post, members of the Balinese local authority see the wedding market is a unique alternative to mass tourism that could bring higher numbers of quality visitors to the island.

Nyoman Wardawan, head of promotions for the Bali Tourism Agency, believes the potential for Bali’s destination wedding market is supported by the island’s natural beauty.

“This alternative tourism product has prospects, but we have yet to promote it,” he said. “We will discuss the possibility of establishing some sort of association and guidelines to set a standard so that the ceremonies don’t run counter to local customs and religious and cultural values,” he added.

According to industry professionals, domestic demand is currently boosting Bali’s status as a wedding destination, but more couples could also be targeted from countries such as Australia, the US, Russia, the UK and the Netherlands, as well as other Asian countries. A selection of business across the island, including event organisers, florists, hotels, catering companies and private villa rental companies have been offering wedding packages for the last two or three years, and many of these companies are now seeing an increase in foreign demand.

Bali’s private villas are also becoming increasingly popular as venues for destination weddings because couples are free to personalise every aspect of their wedding day to create a more bespoke celebration. The bride and groom can plan the itinerary for their wedding day without being tied to a hotel timetable. Decorations and the menu are also open for customisation to suit their personal tastes.

Bali is home to a wealth of cultural and natural attractions that make the island as appealing as a honeymoon destination after a wedding or even for family and guests to enjoy a holiday before the big day. Romantic options such as spa days or sunset cruises are often popular with newlyweds, while guests that want to get active can explore the island’s treasures by hiking or scuba diving.

“Bali is a favourite for its outdoor wedding concepts because couples can use the sunset, beaches and mountains as a backdrop,” said Deden, a Bali based wedding planner. “We still have a long way to go before achieving the same status as Thailand, however, which is the primary hub for destination weddings in Asia.”