Appy Wedding Day

Submitted by lex on June 9, 2014

The online App market now offers couples a selection of glossy wedding Apps to help plan and organize the perfect wedding in a tech-savvy style.

Lucky couples that have chosen to tie the knot on a Thai tropical island like Phuket or Koh Samui now can draw on the expertise and dedication of a professional wedding planner with many permanently based in both these perennially popular destinations.When you are stuck for inspiration, planners are a mine of information on everything from the latest wedding trends to practical tips on hiring hairdressers and live jazz bands for your big day.

Even with professional help and advice, however, brides and grooms that want to be hands-on when it comes to planning and preparing for their wedding can also now utilize a few smart wedding apps to stay on top of the planning schedule.

Here are some recently launched Apps range that from practical fitness planners to inspirational mood boards.

Fighting Fit

If you are lacking the motivation to slim down in time for your wedding day, why not take a look at Fitocracy? This handy wedding App is a personal trainer you can carry in your pocket throughout the run up to the big day. Fitocracy tracks all of your physical activity throughout the day, allowing you to build up points based on how much you do. Users with a competitive streak can even compete against other people in the Fitocracy community to rack up glowing self-esteem points as well as a new personal best.
Pocket Planner

If you are finding the wedding planning process a little stressful, it might be helpful to invest in an App to iron out any organizational dilemmas. Wedding Happy allows you to enter the date of your wedding before building a customized to-do list based on your priorities. It even has its own Export and Email feature that allows you to send your personalized schedule to wedding planners, photographers and bridesmaids – basically anyone that needs to be kept in the loop. If you are merely looking for a tool to count down to your wedding day, Wedding Countdown will keep track of your remaining hours, minutes and – cringe – kisses as a single girl.

Guest Appearances

Appy Couple is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated Apps in the competitive wedding market. This handy App sets up an easy platform for couples to build their own personalized wedding website for guests to use during the run up to the big day. Keeping guests  updated is particularly important when you are getting married abroad, and with one centralized forum it's easy for the bride and groom to respond to queries on everything from what to pack for a trip to Phuket through to how to ask for ice in Thai . After all, relaxed guests make for a relaxed, and therefore happy, wedding celebration.

No Excuses

Many couples saying their vows abroad face the disappointing reality that not all of their loved ones will be able to attend, whether it’s down to financial, physical or schedule difficulties. Live Lens provides a wonderful solution for couples that want to give all their friends and family – including those who couldn’t make the journey to Thailand – part of the wedding day sparkle. This wedding App has streaming capabilities that allow loved ones far away to watch the whole ceremony live, from start to finish. There are even options for them to “like” and “comment” on the video as it streams.

Enjoy your Trip

One of the best parts of a destination wedding celebration is relaxing on your honeymoon once all of the stressful planning and pleasing is over. If you plan to tie-in your destination wedding with a romantic trip around Thailand, then TripIt may come in handy. Users can programme in their dates and holiday bucket list for the App to create the perfect holiday itinerary, which is particularly useful if you are planning a trip with a group of your wedding guests. In fact, TripIt is almost like having a knowledgeable villa manager in your pocket, but without the winning smile of course.



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