All in the details

Submitted by lex on September 16, 2013

While every couple devotes a great deal of effort to planning the entertainment, menu and clothing at their wedding; spending a little time on extra decorative flourishes can not only set the scene for a more personal celebration, but will also add colourful memories to the day.

Unique and colourful décor is often one of the best ways for the bride and groom to stamp their own personality on a wedding celebration. In the surroundings of a private villa, couples have plenty of scope to personalise the decorations exactly the way they want them to brighten the backdrop to their big day. Not only do vibrant decorative touches look great in the wedding album; they can also provide a source of entertainment for guests to interact with. Stylish interiors, and attention to detail, will become a talking point for guests, and can go a long way in helping them feel comfortable and at home.

Here are a few ideas of how you can make more of a style statement with your wedding décor choices.

Projecting your memories

Digital cameras have added a whole new dimension to what guests can do with their wedding photographs, and an increasing number of couples are also choosing to make photos one of the key decorative themes at their wedding. Professional photographers are now able to upload happy pre-wedding or real time snaps to a computer and project them as a slideshow for guests to enjoy at the reception. Not only does this give the décor an entertaining, interactive feel, but it also allows guests that have been snapped in the photographs to feel a real part of the bride and groom’s special day as it happens.

Love birds

According to wedding planners, an increasing number of couples are choosing to focus the decorative flourishes at their wedding around specific personalised motifs. One favourite motif doing the rounds this year is the classic, yet adorable “love birds” image. As well as incorporating these feathery creatures into the decorations and centrepieces, couples can also continue the theme in cake decorations and on their wedding invitations.

The perfect backdrop

If you want to give your wedding photographs an extra shot of art and colour, why not spend some time designing a unique backdrop for your photographs? Streamers, origami, and real flowers can be woven, hung and draped gracefully together to add a rainbow of personality to your photographs, as well as providing an interesting focal point for the ceremony.

Covered centrepieces

To inject a little modernity into a classic floral centrepiece, jump on one of 2013’s hottest wedding décor trends by covering flower arrangements with antique cages or glass jars. It’s a great way to add a little spice to a traditional decorations, and is becoming ever more popular with style savvy brides and grooms. Cages can even be sourced or made locally in popular destinations like Thailand and Bali.

Lounging around

One of the most important things for couples to consider when they are planning their wedding day is the comfort of their guests throughout the day. Setting aside a specific lounging area, away from the ceremony or dining area, is an easy way to introduce a more laid back feel to the proceedings and gives guests somewhere to go if they need a few minutes to cool down and relax. Within the spacious surroundings of a private villa, such relaxation spots are often already provided, or you can even set up a chill out place on the beach – an abundance of brightly coloured cushions and seating mats will also introduce an air of barefoot luxury to the space.






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