Accessories for Stylish Groomsmen

Submitted by CLX-view on October 26, 2015

From classy cufflinks to striking boutonnieres, sophisticated accessories will add the final flourish to your groomsmen’s wedding day ensembles.

There’s plenty of literature dedicated to helping ladies choose how to accessorise their wedding outfits – but what about the guys?

A selection of the right accessories will put just the finishing touches to the men’s perfect wedding attire too, and this is something that an increasing number of husbands-to-be are considering when planning out the ensembles for their stylish groomsmen.

The accessories ushers and groomsmen wear on the big day can even be incorporated into special gifts as a way of saying thank you for all their help throughout the planning process and during the celebrations.

Here are a few ways you can accessorise groomsmen’s outfits to add that final flourish.

Beautiful Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres first became a statement in medieval times when floral trinkets were given to knights as a token of affection, which they would then wear as a kind of good luck charm when they went into battle. These days, groomsmen use them as a way of visually demonstrating their ties to the bridal party. Flower button holes are the traditional choice if you’re looking to accessorise a smart jacket, but if you’re getting married in tropical Thailand it makes sense to add a twist to the traditional button hole. A sweet but simple starfish boutonniere does the trick nicely.

Touch of Bling

Cufflinks are to men what bracelets are to women – an elegant way to add a little sparkle to the overall ensemble. Smart cufflinks are also an excellent keepsake for grooms that want to treat their pals as a way of saying thanks for all their help. Novelty cufflinks – especially LEGO ones – are also a fabulous way of introducing a little more personality into formal wedding attire.

Fancy Feet

In Western weddings, the idea of flashing your funky socks underneath a suit might seem abhorrently geeky. But in Thailand your groomsmen might be kicking off their shoes as a sign of respect for the traditional Thai Buddhist ceremony, or simply because that’s the tradition when entering any house. If this is the case, you will want your ushers to be showing off something stylish inside their shoes. Colourful or patterned socks add a fun element to the wedding attire and liven up the day with a few laughs amongst guests.

Keep Your Hat On

Striking wedding hats and fascinators aren’t just for women. In fact, headwear was once considered an essential component in a man’s smart outfit, so there’s absolutely no reason why hats can’t be worn by men at weddings today. A hat may also be a smart choice for a beach wedding in Thailand to keep your head protected from the sun. Flat caps are a great way to inject a little personality into the overall theme, as well as introducing a little fun retro flair. The groom can even get hats made up in the same material as the suits to go all out for the groomsmen.

Double Cool

Thailand is known for its tropical heat so it might not make sense for all the groomsmen to wear a full suit or a heavy jacket during a beach wedding ceremony. Why not consider replacing suit jackets with funky waist coats for an informal twist? Waistcoats should probably be considered clothing rather than accessories, but they definitely jazz up an outfit with a splash of colour and style. Ushers wearing co-ordinating pieces will look just as photo-ready as bridesmaids in their matching dresses, and waist coats can be easily abandoned later on when the dance floor heats up.



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