Wedding Planning Apps

Submitted by CLX-view on July 4, 2017

No matter where in the world you decide to get married, there’s now a wide choice of handy virtual tools that will help you to plan the perfect wedding ceremony and celebration

Even when you’ve got a dedicated wedding planner doing all the heavy lifting for you, putting together the perfect wedding ceremony takes a lot of careful consideration and planning. Just narrowing down your décor theme choices and organising seating plans can be challenging enough, let alone making sure your guests are happy and inspired.

Fortunately, there’s a whole raft of clever apps out there to help couples develop the perfect celebration, with everything from party favours to food art suggestions available at the touch of an icon.

If you’re planning a wedding abroad, there’s also a selection of handy travel apps to help you decide what activities to organise when your friends and family arrive.

Below is a list of the apps no bride or groom should be without during the run up to their wedding day in Thailand.

If you’re having trouble keeping on top of all your wedding admin, then Hitched Wedding Planner is the perfect one-stop-shop to help you work through all of it. The app comes with a pre-loaded to-do list, which is organised chronologically. This syncs with your wedding date to help you plan deadlines around when certain things need to be done, from sending out invitations to letting the caterer know the final number of guests. There is also a handy budgeting section to help you keep a good handle on the cash you’re spending. The best part is, Hitched is free for iPhone and android.

Best for Inspiration

When it comes to wedding inspiration, there’s perhaps no better source than Etsy. This online shopping platform is packed with pretty items to inspire your wedding and plan a ceremony that’s completely unique to you. With a special focus on vintage items, from decorative titbits through to jewellery and accessories, the platform also offers plenty of ideas for personalised gifts. This is very handy if you are thinking of treating your bridesmaids, groomsmen or even family members to something special to say thank you for all their help.

Communication is Key

It’s important to keep your guests updated and well informed – especially if they’re going to be travelling thousands of miles to attend your ceremony! Appy couple is the ideal platform for sharing information with your guests, giving them all the details they need about accommodation, directions, travel and RSVPs. The app also allows you to create a comprehensive and pretty wedding website to display all the information guests will want to know about your big day – from what food will be served to sharing photos of the gorgeous private villa wedding venue so they can get a sneak peek.

Travel Ideas

When it comes to planning excursions out and about in Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s very own app – Visit Thailand – is the perfect tool to download. Packed with gorgeous imagery of all the Kingdom’s most beautiful sites, it’ll provide plenty of inspiration for activities to plan for when your guests arrive. It also offers in-depth advice and useful tips on the best shopping experiences, nightlife and cultural attractions. This app is the perfect complement to all the advice you’ll be able to get from your professional wedding planner and villa manager.

Foodie Fun

Thailand is well known as a foodie haven, and your family and friends are definitely going to want to sample all the best food and restaurants when they arrive. Wongnai is the ideal tool to use to look for restaurants near you. You can read reviews by people who have already dined in each location, which will give you a pretty good idea of whether you want to take your friends or relatives there or not. The best part is, Wongnai is an app that’s also used by plenty of locals, so you can pull away from the tourist traps and find the best local eateries around.


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