Top 5 Hairstyles for Brides in 2016

Submitted by CLX-view on April 19, 2016

If you aren’t quite sure how to wear your hair on the day you tie the knot, check out the latest favourite global wedding styles for some freshly cut ideas.

Deciding on the right gown for your wedding day can be tough, but finding a hairstyle that matches it, as well as one that complements your face shape, can be even more of a challenge.

If you’re getting married on an exotic beach in Thailand, selecting a hairdo that can withstand the sea breezes and humid tropical heat throws up even more considerations.

You also want something that’s timeless enough to look fabulous in years to come when you’re flicking back through your wedding folders.

Below is a selection of top wedding hair styles this year to give you some inspiration.

Au Natural

A beach is the perfect setting for brides who prefer a low-maintenance look. If you want to feel the refreshing sea breeze between your locks as you get married, then wearing your hair loose is a must. This year, an increasing number of brides are going for more of a bohemian, un-styled look that remains fresh and natural throughout the day. After all, if your hair is naturally straight or curly, styling it into submission by slathering on heavy products isn’t going to feel good. Natural styles will look good at any length, and a spritz of dry shampoo every now and then will be all your hair needs to stay fresh.

Updated Classic

If you want to keep your hair out of the way, then wearing it in a classic chignon is a smart idea. However, rather than scraping it back, this year we’re seeing plenty of brides update this timeless up-do by presenting a tussled messy bed head look. Striking and effortless, this hairstyle is also practical for a beach wedding and oozes Parisian chic. Start by roughly blow drying your hair and combing it through with your fingers to give it texture before pinning it up.

Floral Wave

Wavy beach hair has been one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for several years, and it’s perfect for boho beach brides that want to glow with natural beauty on their big day. This year there’s an update on this favourite style, as many brides are incorporating miniature floating flowers into their loose waves as opposed to affixing heavier flower crowns and other statement accessories. Floating florals will give your do extra texture, and will also perfume your hair with a heavenly natural scent.

Twist on the Braid

Plaits and braids have made a fabulous comeback in recent years, and a plethora of exquisite braided up dos are being paraded down fashion runways and wedding aisles across the world. Plaits can be twisted into different buns, with hair woven into classic plaits, fishtail patterns or even French or Spanish braids. When you’re styling your hair, remember not to pull on each strand of the plait too tightly, otherwise you risk a taut, scraped back look. Instead, frame your face with a gentle halo of hair left out of the plaits at the front.

Come Undone

If you simply can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down on the big day, why not do both? The fishtail plait style demonstrated by Blake Lively is the next step up from a loose, textured up do created from woven braids. If you want to achieve the same effect, start by applying styling moose to wet hair and roughly blow drying it. Next, braid random sections of your hair using whatever technique you like (fishtail, classic, French etc.) and pinning them into place. For the finishing touch, tease your braids with a comb to further enhance the texture.


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