To Tie or Not to Tie?

Submitted by CLX-view on August 8, 2016

There’s a whole host of wedding fashion ideas for funky, modern grooms that don’t fancy wearing a traditional tie on their big day.

Weddings provide a fabulous opportunity to get creative and let your own personal sense of style shine through – and this mantra goes for grooms just as much as it does brides.

While weddings are widely considered to be formal occasions, an increasing number of grooms are breaking the mould and opting for edgier looks that suit their personalities better.

If you’ve already opted to jet off to Thailand and host a destination wedding on an idyllic  beach, why not go the whole hog and make a style splash too?

Below is a range of chic ideas for grooms that don’t want to don a traditional knot on their big day.

Tied Down

In many cases, a certain cut of suit will always look better with a tie. Sometimes, the elegance of a wedding venue will also dictate that a tie should be worn. However, there are plenty of ways to jazz this traditional look up without going for the standard knot. For grooms that want something a little bit different, the Eldredge knot is a winner. By using the narrow end of the tie as the active end, you can create a striking, fishtail effect. The asymmetric diagonal knot is a smart choice for evening occasions, and goes very well with ties in light colours with not too much pattern detailing.

Indie Grooms

For groom’s that want their wedding day look to make a bit of a striking statement, there is always the bow tie. When it comes to tying your knot, as above, there are plenty of different options for bow ties that can result in some unique looks, bringing extra wow factor to your outfit. Embracing a brightly coloured or printed fabric provides another route to embracing your funky side, and if all of your groomsmen are in similar or matching bow ties, it’s a great way to introduce an element of fun into your wedding.

Funky Grooms

Ties aren’t the only way for stylish, modern grooms to make a statement. A growing number of guys are donning braces for their big day. This flourish brings a cheeky, retro feel to any outfit and will look fab in the photographs. As well as adding a funky, modern twist to your outfit, braces can also be a way of personalizing your ensemble in terms of colour as well. Braces are available in an array of hues and patterns, so it’s always possible to find something that suits the theme of your wedding.

Colour Splash

If you’re a traditional groom that does want to wear a conventional tie on his wedding day, then there are still a number of options to jazz things up. Why not select a brightly coloured tie that pops against the subtle backdrop of your grey or beige suit? Incorporating the wedding’s accent colour into your ensemble can also be a nice way of bringing everything together, linking you to the colour of the ribbon that ties the bride’s bouquet, for example. If you want to stand out, you could always wear a different shade tie from your groomsmen.

No Ties

For those getting married by the ocean in Thailand, selecting an outfit that remains smart, cool and comfortable in the tropical climate is likely to be a priority. If you’re hosting a casual beach wedding, then why not forget the tie altogether? After all, a casual open collar look will complement the stunning coastal surroundings, drawing attention to the fact that you’re getting married n paradise. Of course, ditching the tie doesn’t have to mean eliminating smart, formal attire altogether. A sharp suit, the right belt and an attractive boutonniere could be all the finishing touches you need.


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