The most stylish celebrity grooms

Submitted by CLX-view on September 11, 2017

History can teach guys a few key lessons when it comes to putting together a striking, stylish wedding ensemble

Wondering what to wear to your wedding? While a lot of people tend to focus on the tricky process for brides picking out the perfect wedding dress, grooms often face a similar dilemma. After all, eyes (and camera lenses) are going to be facing the leading man for much of the day, too. Hollywood’s A-listers have long provided inspiration – after all they’re well practiced at working the spotlight. We’ve picked out five of the most iconic celebrity grooms in recent history to inspire your style choices on the big day.

Rock star inspiration

Mick Jagger is living proof that on your wedding day, you can be just as flamboyant as you want – if it makes you feel good. When the Rolling Stones front man married wife Bianca in 1971, a slim-fit, wide-lapel three-piece suit was his choice of the day. The oversized collar on his shirt adds extra flair and a sense of personalised style. So, if there’s an element of your own personal wardrobe that simply makes you feel fantastic, whether that’s braces or bow ties, embrace Jagger’s confidence and wear it anyway – even if it isn’t conventional.

Something blue

Sadly, Jamie Hince’s marriage to supermodel Kate Moss didn’t last. However, the style lessons offered by each party will remain a source of inspiration for years to come. The Kills guitarist paired his signature beat-up boots with a powder blue double-breasted suit on his big day. A light suit is ideal for summer weddings or those taking place in warmer climates – particularly tropical destination hotspots like Thailand. As well as helping to reflect the heat of the sun’s rays, lighter shades of colour will also set off the groom’s sun-kissed skin more as well.

Back to your roots

When he married Kim Sears in 2015, world tennis number one Andy Murray went back to his Scottish roots and incorporated a traditional green and blue kilt into his ensemble. While this doesn’t really make sense unless you’re Scottish, it’s a great example of how grooms are still including items of traditional dress in their wedding day outfits. Wherever you’re from and whatever the traditional form of dress is, it’s a great way to add an exciting flourish to a conventional suit, and to honour your roots.

Sleek style

When it comes to sleek, suave style, Hollywood actor George Clooney has this down to a fine art. When the actor married the beautiful Amal Amaluddin in Italy in 2014, he donned a classic suit by Georgio Armani. Not only does the suit work perfectly with all the accessories Mr.Clooney picked out, it also ticks all the boxes in terms of classic, formal style. However, as good as it looks, Clooney has selected an ensemble that isn’t going to overpower the bride’s outfit – because at the end of the day, it’s her that guests are going to be looking at most of all.

Beach wedding

John Lennon and Yoko Ono married in Gibraltar on March 20th, 1969. As it was perhaps the most iconic beach wedding in history, we felt that our list would be incomplete without a closer look at Lennon’s ensemble. A white jersey and jacket, paired with chinos and sneakers – Lennon is without doubt the embodiment of the casual groom. He proves that essentially, on your wedding day, you can do whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable. A beach wedding is a great setting for more of a relaxed style, so it’s definitely something to bear in mind if you’re planning an informal celebration on the sand.


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