Thailand's Jewellery Sector Leads the Way

Thailand’s Jewellery Sector Leads the Way

The newly published Thailand Investment Review has revealed that Thailand is the world’s leading producer of silver jewellery and the fifth biggest hub for diamond cutting. This news is likely to be well received by brides from around the world who are heading to the Land of Smiles for their wedding celebrations.

According to the recent survey, Thailand’s jewellery making sector combines centuries-old traditions with some of the world’s finest quality gems to create a shopping haven for couples on the lookout for engagement rings, wedding bands or even just a honeymoon keepsake.

Unsurprisingly, Thailand’s capital city Bangkok is the top location for jewellery shopping. In addition to the gems that are mined in Thailand and brought to the city to be crafted into stunning pieces of jewellery, precious stones are flown in from across the globe to be cut and set in Bangkok.

Thailand also ranks in 12th place for coloured stones and government support for the sector has grown in recent years, and the private sector has more recently started to back the jewellery and precious stone industry as well. All of this has helped Thailand to establish itself as a global hub for shoppers that wish to splash out on precious pieces of jewellery, from earrings and bracelets, to necklaces and wedding bands.

Visitors travelling to the country are often on the lookout for good deals when it comes to purchasing jewellery in Thailand, but  the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recommends that they do their research before parting with their cash.

Across Bangkok, certain areas specialise in particular goods, so newlyweds on the hunt for some sparkling souvenirs should tailor their shopping itineraries accordingly.

The Silom Road area is a hotspot for visitors seeking diamond jewellery. Situated within the city’s bustling business district, it is home to over 400 shops selling these fabulous stones. Meanwhile, for the highest quality silver pieces, shoppers should head over to Surawongse Road. There are more than 250 shops to choose from there.

Finally for coloured stones, honeymooners should check out Maheasak’s ‘Gemstones Street’ in Bangkok. A plethora of multi-coloured offerings are available to purchase, including precious and semi-precious coloured gems.