Thai Style Wedding Party Favours

Submitted by CLX-view on July 13, 2016

Wow your wedding guests with some unique Thai-themed gifts

When they’re done right, giving out party favours at your destination wedding can be a great way of thanking your nearest and dearest for travelling all the way to Thailand to celebrate your special day. T

These miniature gifts can range from traditional trinkets like chocolates and sweet goodies to more obscure presents that more closely represent the bride and groom.

 If you want to personalize your own wedding favours, then why not plan to give your guests Thai-themed goodies? That way, they will have a keepsake to take home that helps them remember your wedding day and the wonderful time they had in the Land of Smiles.

Below are a few ideas…

Paper Art

While the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding may not be considered traditionally Thai: Origami is very popular in Thailand and there are plenty of ways to create some fabulous paper party favours. For practical purposes, why not present your guests with colourful origami fans to help them stay cool as they enjoy drinks by the pool of the villa where you’re hosting your wedding? Alternatively, origami elephants add an adorable sense of Thailand, especially because these magnificent creatures are often called a national symbol.

Go Coconuts

Whether or not you love the taste of fresh coconut, there’s no denying that the hard shells of these natural treasures offer plenty of scope as holiday souvenirs and Thai-themed wedding favours. Local handicraft markets in places like Koh Samui and Phuket will prove to be rich treasure troves of coconut goodies – from handmade jewellery to lamps. Uniquely decorated coconut bowls are also the perfect size for favours at a wedding. Intricately painted, glossed, and sometimes even featuring elaborate inlays of mother of pearl, these are the perfect wedding favour for the bride and groom that want to give something extra special to their guests.

Fresh and Fragrant

Anyone who has ever visited one of Thailand’s bustling markets will have seen the vivid-coloured array of exquisite carved soaps on offer. The craft tradition of soap carving has been going on in Thailand for over 700 years, so the locals are skilled at fashioning fragrant, brightly-hued masterpieces. If you want to treat your guests to a special wedding favour that oozes traditional Thai-ness, a beautifully-carved flower-shaped soap may provide the ideal option. Not only will the soap emit a delicious perfume once unpacked back home, but it will also act as an eye-catching decoration.

Sweet Temptations

For brides and grooms that want to stick to the wedding convention of edible party favours, sweets don’t come much more Thai than luk chup – a bright and shiny candy that’s eaten across the Kingdom. Made from the pulp of mung beans, sugar and coconut milk, these miniature marvels evolved from a sweet almond snack that was originally brought to Thailand by Portuguese explorers. Luk chup are moulded to resemble real fruit, and once they have set in shape, colourful jellies are applied to the outside to really make the colours stand out.

Spice up your Life

Thailand’s exquisite cuisine is one of the main factors that draws visitors back to the Kingdom time after time. If you’re searching for an innovative wedding favour, then consider bottling up the fantastic flavours of the Kingdom for your loved ones to take home and enjoy. Homemade spice pots with traditional Thai herbs certainly bring an authentic Thai allure. This will also provide a practical souvenir for guests to utilize and experiment with in their own kitchens. Dried chili flakes, hot curry mixes and even turmeric powder are all popular options.



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