Surprise the Bride

Submitted by CLX-view on September 13, 2016

A thoughtful treat on the wedding day is one way that the groom can make the entire experience even more unforgettable for his new wife.

After all the countdowns and hectic planning in preparation for your wedding day, when it finally arrives, some couples have been so stressed that they haven't had much time to enjoy with their loved one.

For grooms, a special way to rectify this is to treat the bride to a super special surprise once the big day finally rolls around. This can also be a fabulous way of expressing your feelings, which some people are often difficult to put into words.

Whether it's a written message, a personal gift or a shared activity, romantic surprises are guaranteed to make your wedding day extra special.

Belo are a few ideas how you can surprise your wife-to-be.

Old Fashioned Romance

If you and your bride are fans of traditional romance, then penning a letter to be opened on the morning of the wedding celebrations is an extremely thoughtful flourish. Many grooms write the letter months in advance, before the planning process gets in the way. Others may choose to write it the day before the wedding, when emotions are at their peak. If you’re getting married in one of Thailand’s fabulous private villas, pass the letter onto the maid of honour to deliver to deliver to the bride when she wakes up, or when she’s getting ready.

A Real Treat

Sending your bride a special gift on the morning of your wedding day is another way to slow down the pace of the day and remind her exactly how much you want to marry her. Perhaps there are some vintage earrings you know she was eyeing up but decided to splash out on, or even a bottle of new perfume to wear on the day and throughout the honeymoon. Once again, it’s useful to let the maid of honour and bridesmaids in on your plan so the gift can be delivered to the bride in her suite at the tropical Thai villa where you’re getting married.

High Hopes

If sending tokens of affection on the morning of the wedding day isn’t your style, then perhaps you add a little something extra into the wedding schedule to surprise your loved one. If you’re getting married in a private villa with beach access, releasing a batch of lanterns is sure to add real wow factor to the evening. Each guest can have their own lantern to release over the ocean, which according to tradition, will bring good luck to the marriage. It also promises to provide the subject for some wonderful photographs in your wedding album.

Celebrate in Style

If you share a passion for celebration, why not set work with your wedding planner to set up a firework display on the beach next to your private villa? Lure your bride and guests onto the beach on the premise of an extra special speech from the groom (who says you have to give the speech following the wedding breakfast?) and surprise them with a fabulous, colourful firework display. This is the perfect way to get the party started and get your bride and guests in the dancing mood. Once again, this is also a fabulous way to add extra colour and personality into your treasured wedding album.

Performance to Remember

Music is a sure way to the heart of many ladies who are in love. If your wife-to-be falls into this category, then instead of having the pre-recorded track of your first dance piped through the villa’s sound system, bring in a professional performer to sing it instead. This will add an adorable personal touch to the first dance, and is sure to bring tears to your wife’s eyes. Thailand is home to an array of extremely talented performers, whether you’re after an acoustic guitarist to softly sing the Ed Sheeran number you’d been planning, or a swing band to belt out an authentic rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “I love you baby”.


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