Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Submitted by CLX-view on May 30, 2017

Modern mums are breaking the mould and going for increasingly elegant outfits for their daughters’ wedding.

Right from the moment her daughter is born, every mother looks forward to the day that her little girl ties the knot. It’s a major milestone and a huge family celebration – with a lot of photos to record the occasion.

The choice of outfit needs to be just right for stylish, sophisticated mums and modern women are keeping on top of fashion trends more than ever with a growing number of high street retailers catering for the demand by creating a selection of gorgeously styled gowns for more mature ladies.

For those getting married in the balmy climes of Thailand, below are some style tips for mothers heading out to enjoy their daughters’ wedding celebrations by the beach.

Work as a Team

Before your mum even thinks about what she’s going to be wearing on your big day, it’s worth co-ordinating with her over the dos and don’ts of the day. Perhaps you’re envisioning something in particular for her look – if you’re having a beach wedding, for instance, you might be keen to suggest that your mum invest in an outfit that’s a bit more casual. On the other hand, you could be picturing that everyone in the bridal party will be donning shades of a similar colour. It’s also well worth co-ordinating with the mother of the groom to ensure these two leading ladies don’t choose clashing ensembles, or dresses that are too similar.

Dress to your Strengths

Even in Thailand, where the sun is shining and it’s gloriously warm most of the time, a wedding isn’t the time or place to show off a lot of skin – but that doesn’t mean your mum can’t choose a dress that accentuates her figure. Sleeveless sheath dresses can be a great call for ladies with toned arms, and those with great legs could even go for shorter frocks just above the knee. Gowns with fitted bodices that nip in at the waist before flowing out into an A-line skirt are a classic choice, as they accentuate the hourglass shape.

Be Adventurous

There’s no need for mums to go for neutral tones and plain fabrics on their daughters’ wedding day. In fact, a growing number of mothers are making bold style statements by opting for gowns in gorgeous jewel tones or those with striking prints. Featuring a palm print, the Palm Asymmetric Jacquard Dress from Coast mirrors the tropical setting of a beach wedding in Thailand. It brings an elegant yet contemporary structure to the female form, and adds a nice splash of colour too.

Break from Tradition

According to wedding etiquette, it’s customary for guests to only remove their own hats when the mother of the bride has removed hers. However, plenty of mums are no longer donning hats, opting instead for funky fascinators or even flowers. After all, if you’re heading to a beach wedding with more of a laid-back vibe, a formal piece of head-wear might not be the right fit at all. If you fancy pinning a flower into your hair, then perhaps a traditional Thai bloom like an orchid or a frangipani arrangement would do the trick.

Smart Dresser

When it comes to putting together an elegant ensemble for the mother of the bride, accessorising well is the key to success. Rule number one – ditch the nylon tights or stockings. Indulge in a pedicure and go barelegged to make the most of the tropical climate. Next – avoid sky-high heels if you’re going to a beach wedding. They’re impractical and may leave you feeling uncomfortable as you’re shuffling across the sand to get your photograph taken. Last but not least – if you don’t want to make too much of a loud statement with your clothing, than an eye-catching necklace or handbag could really make your outfit pop.


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