Rain or Shine Wedding Photos

Submitted by CLX-view on June 13, 2016

Thailand’s green season can be prone to a few showers but there is no reason to let it rain on your parade – or your wedding day memories.

Sunny skies and tropical temperatures sit high on the wish lists of most brides and grooms that jet off to Thailand for a destination wedding and although the sun shines practically every day of the year in the Land of Smiles, during the Kingdom’s green season you should also expect to see a few showers.

A little rain is no reason to dampen your spirits – or your photographs. In fact, a little bit of rain and even stormy weather can add a little drama to your wedding album.

With a rainy day plan in place and some creative ideas up your sleeve, you may even end up with better shots during green season that you would have done when framed in clear blue skies.

Below are a few tips on how to make rainy wedding day photographs shine.

Pour on the Passion

You may think that nothing could be more romantic than a snapshot of you and your loved one kissing on the beach where you had your wedding ceremony but not everyone agrees. In fact, many seasoned wedding photographers feel there is nothing more romantic than a photo kissing in the rain. One of Hollywood’s most passionate on-screen kisses (in The Notebook) was filmed in the rain. Although you’re likely to get soaked if you head out during a downpour, you will look back in a few years and relive the raw emotion that such a long-lasting image portrays.

Timing is Key

Every good photographer knows that a darkening sky thick with heavy rainclouds is more dramatic than a sky of endless blue. If you feel that a storm is brewing at any time during the big day, it’s worth heading outside to capture some photographs with this powerful backdrop to set off the emotion of the moment. Timing is everything in this case and you might have only a few minutes to get those few pre-storm shots in.

Get the Backlight Right

If you are happy to have photographs taken in the rain this offers up plenty of opportunities for fabulous photographs. One way to make the moment look ultra-magical is to highlight the raindrops by backlighting them. This can either be done with the camera flash, the lights on a veranda of a private villa venue or even using the sun if it’s out. Backlighting each and every rain droplet will introduce sparks of light peppered across the image, highlighting the electricity shared between the bride and groom.

Colour Infusion

It’s a common misconception that rain saps outdoor scenery of all its colour, turning everything grey. In fact, once the rain has stopped falling the outdoor landscape will be more enriched with vivid colours than ever. Flowers in your private villa’s garden will be bolder and brighter than they were in the sun, and the grass and leaves will be a shimmering to match. The majority of Thailand’s green season showers last only an hour or two, so you can look forward to this charming colourful effect not too long after the rain has started.

Embrace the Rain

When it comes to rainy day wedding photographs, the bottom line is not to let a little rain ruin your day. Embrace the downpour, and enjoy it – because it’s going to be there for as long as it’s there, no matter what you do about it. Showers offer the chance for spontaneity and fun, and rain even inspires guests to be creative – posing for photographs under a sea of umbrellas, for example. Come rain or shine on your wedding day, the most important thing is to smile and enjoy the experience.


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