Poolside Wedding Benefits

Submitted by CLX-view on February 29, 2016

A laid back wedding ceremony in Thailand by the side of a private villa’s infinity pool is sure to be a hit with guests that travel to celebrate your special day from around the world.

Whether you’re getting married in a tropical paradise destination like Phuket or closer to home, there is no doubt that recent wedding trends have seen a move towards intimate, relaxed events rather than the traditional formal arrangement.

For couples tying the knot in one of Thailand’s plush private villas, there are plenty of opportunities to personalize each and every aspect of the special day – including the level of formality you choose.

A pool party is an ideal choice for brides and grooms that want to enjoy a low-key, laid back event. Not only does it offer up a fun afternoon and evening for younger guests, but it also means everyone will have the chance to enjoy the best of the property’s fabulous facilities and the exquisite tropical surroundings.

Below are five reasons why a pool party wedding is sure to go down well with your friends and loved ones.

Family Fun

If a few little ones coming along to your wedding celebration in Thailand, the chances are high that you’re already brainstorming ways to keep them entertained throughout the day. While sticker kits and mini treasure hunts are sure to prove a hit with many kids, nothing beats a pool party for extra fun factor. Kids can jump in the pool as soon as you’ve said your vows and expend lots of energy before the food is served. There will also be plenty of places within the main villa or outdoor pavilion for them to dry off and get changed. Brides and grooms don’t want parents worrying about their children as they celebrate and have a good time, so it’s also worthwhile hiring a babysitter or child minder through the villa’s management team to keep an extra  eye out.

Poolside Grill

Thanks to the endless miles of ocean that frames islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, seafood is one of the hottest menu choices for couples saying their vows in Thailand. If you fancy serving up a fish feast, then what better way than by having a mouth-watering seafood barbecue right on your villa’s pool terrace? Caterers will be able to provide the catch of the day direct from the nets of local fishermen, and the menu can include succulent treats like king prawns, lobster, meaty sea bass and fresh tuna. Serving the food this way will also give guests a chance to mingle, and those with a big appetite will appreciate going back for seconds.

Social Moments

There’s nothing like a formal three-course dinner on a table of strangers to make people shy of conversation, which is one reason why many brides and grooms prepare ice breakers and games to get their guests chatting. A more relaxed pool party setting will help to banish these awkward moments altogether. It’s also a clever way for the bride and groom to make the most of the villa’s lavish facilities. A bar can be set up next the pool deck, so guests can wander in and out for drinks. An outdoor canopy can also be set up in the garden as a seating area for those that want to sit down to devour their plate of seafood.

Cooling Down

Thanks to its balmy tropical climate, Thailand is one of the most popular destination wedding spots in the entire Asia Pacific region. However, soaring temperatures can also mean that guests run the risk of overheating if they don’t drink plenty of water and stay in the shade during particularly warm times of day. A pool party offers guests the additional option of taking a dip to cool off whenever they choose. It’s also a fun, laid back way to lead from the wedding ceremony into the evening festivities.

Dancing with the Stars

When the sun sets and it’s time to party there’s something magical about dancing under the stars, and special moments such as this shared with family and friends are the perfect way for couples to kick start their married life. The terraces that surround villas’ private swimming pools are a great place for a DJ to set up and bring the party to life. Couples that enjoy live music could even hire a band or acoustic guitarist to serenade guests across the glowing blue water.



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