Perfect Wedding Patterns

Submitted by CLX-view on May 9, 2016

Whether you’re a fan of colourful florals or bold stripes, 2016 is the year to take your love of printed patterns to your wedding day.

While subdued watercolour themes and classic vintage ceremonies continue to soar in popularity, there is another – much bolder – style on the horizon: prints.

Printed patterns come in an array of colours and configurations, and can be used as a unique way to inject extra personality into a wedding celebration.

From bridesmaids’ dresses to printed decorations and even wedding cakes, this year’s wedding’s are already saturated in vivid, wow-factor designs as demand for this bold new trend grows.

Below are a few ideas to help pattern your party plans.

Here Comes the Bride

The fashion industry always leads the way when it comes to avant-garde style, and the latest craze for print-heavy weddings takes its lead from the catwalk. A growing number of designers are incorporating striking, intricate patterns into their wedding dress designs, the majority of them floral. Floral prints have a classic allure when it comes to wedding gowns, and dresses that features a delicate layer of chiffon over a patterned skirt give a floral design extra depth. Flowery prints can also be incorporated into the design of the bouquet.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

If the bride is opting for a crisp, white gown, then jazzy printed bridesmaids’ dresses are the perfect way to incorporate exciting hues and patterns into the wedding scene. Even with florals setting the trend this year, if there’s one thing to learn from tracking wedding fashion it’s that no bride should ever feel under pressure to follow the status quo. Those in love with Aztec prints should simply go for it, while brides that want to establish a nautical theme could opt for stripes, mini printed anchors or even powder blue polka dot frocks – adorable and unique.

Décor in the Details

As well as seeing printed clothing paraded down the aisle by both the bride and her bridesmaids, expect to see plenty of unique patterns incorporated into the wedding décor this summer as well. With the wealth of stunning fabric options available, table cloths are a funky place to start and offer an ideal choice for a rustic vintage-style celebration hosted within the gardens of a private villa in Thailand. The pale pink bunting adds an extra flourish of detail and will add memories of summer garden parties to the celebration.

On the Map

If you’ve opted to fly half way around the world to get married in Thailand, then there’s a high chance that you and your husband or bride-to-be love travel. If discovering new cultures and exploring unfamiliar landscapes is something that brought you together as a couple, then why not celebrate that fact – in print. Vintage map prints add an extra touch of personal style, and they’re visually striking as well. Incorporate prints onto your invitations, party favours and even your bunting to create a continuous thread that runs through the wedding.

Pretty Delicious

For some people, the more colourful and elaborate the wedding cake, the better it tastes. As one of the most photographed cakes you will ever eat, it’s important to establish an eye-catching decorative theme. A personalised print ticks all the cake boxes, and whether you opt for traditional florals, nautical stripes or something totally different, a cake that reflects your and your partner’s personalities is always a winner.



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