Perfect Wedding Dinner Playlist

Submitted by CLX-view on July 24, 2017

 If you’re struggling to pick out the right music to play in the background while guests tuck into the wedding feast, here are few ideas to get your ideas and juices flowing

Picking the right playlist to listen to during your first meal as husband and wife is an important part of the planning process.

Whatever genres you go for, it’s important to choose music that establishes a relaxing ambience with a mix of tempos as well. If you include too many slow songs your guests will fall asleep, and too many upbeat songs may be distracting.

If you’re hosting your wedding in a private villa, it’s worth knowing you’ll be able to play your favourite tunes through a top quality sound system tha can be heard just about anywhere in the property – so bear the setting of your wedding meal in mind when picking out your song selections

Below are a few favourite tunes.

Classic Choice

If you want to create an elegant atmosphere, a classy soundtrack that relaxes your guests and sets the mood is a must. No wedding playlist is complete without some mention of the classic crooners – Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole. Not only do they have wonderful, polished golden voices that will instantly set your guests at ease, but they also have a roster of some of the best love songs ever written. Create a playlist packed with Tony Bennett and Perry Como and you will be onto a winner. These vocal heroes are the perfect accompaniment to a lavish meal in your villa’s open-plan dining space.

Perfect Pop

There’s a reason why pop songs remain in the charts and on the radio for so long – because people want to listen to them. In the last decade, we’ve heard a plethora of popular artists that people simply can’t get enough of, so it’s worth incorporating a few into your wedding playlist to give guests a little bit of what they want. Ed Sheeran – having written one of the most popular weddings songs of the last five years – is a must. Coldplay, Florence and the Machine and Jason Mraz should all be in there, too. This kind of casual playlist is perfect for more informal outdoor dining.

Smooth Vibes

If you fancy music that sits comfortably in the background while your guests are taking their seats for dinner, then jazz is a smart choice. Not only is jazz music super stylish, but this colossal genre encompasses a whole range of potential playlists, and each one will establish its own unique ambience. Music streaming platforms are packed with a variety of jazz playlists, from upbeat modern jazz to classic bluesy arrangements. Have a listen with your husband or wife-to-be before the wedding to make sure you can pick a playlist that suits your tastes. For the perfect jazzy dinner, a gorgeous meal served on your villa’s lush lawn area is perfect.

Power Girls

If you’re considering a classic crooners playlist, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a songstress playlist to your list of considerations too. Powerful female voices are sure to hit all the right notes for your wedding soundtrack and might even get guests singing along as well. If you prefer to create a classic feel, then the likes of Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday should all be on your list. If you’re having a casual barbecue-style dinner by your private pool, a more modern playlist could do the trick, packed with all the essential hits by Adele, Ellie Goulding and Amy Winehouse.

Folky Feel

If you’re celebrating the majority of your wedding celebration in the outdoor areas of your private villa, with guests spilling from the terrace and lawn onto the beach as they nibble on the buffet, a relaxing folk music inspired playlist might be the perfect choice. Imagine guests settling down on oversized cushions with a plate of miniature sweet treats as they sit back and relax to the sounds of Joni Mitchell, Donovan and even Bob Dylan. Acoustic guitars, harmonicas and softly singing voices will help guests to relax and enjoy the surroundings – folk songs are among the greatest love songs too.

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