Passion for Pre-Wedding Food

Passion for Pre-Wedding Food

Photographs of a young Thai couple that literally ate their way through an official wedding shoot have gone viral, according to a BBC report.

The charming, unique photo shoot was captured by photographer Sanit Nitigultanon, and shows how brides and grooms across the globe can achieve a truly unique style for their photographs, and create a wedding album to truly capture people’s imagination.

When he initially met the couple, Max and Mint, Nitigultan asked if there was anything special about them. “They said all they liked to do was go around and eat,” he said. “So the first thing that came to mind was going to all their favourite restaurants.”

The quirky shoot, which took place all around Thailand’s capital Bangkok, shows the hungry couple sampling an array of dishes, from chicken and rice to egg noodles. “All my friends told me that I have to lose lots of weight before my pre-wedding photo shoot,” said the bride, 27-year-old Mint. “But I thought, why do I have to change into someone that I’m not? I’m just going to be myself and have fun with it.”

As a result, the couple embraced their own individuality and planned a photo shoot that truly reflected their personalities – and tastes. “We’ve been together for two years and I think I’ve gained around 10kg during that time because we keep eating together!” said 28-year-old groom, Max.

It seems plenty of people around the world have been inspired by Max and Mint’s innovative idea, and the couple’s album has received 31,000 likes on Facebook. It’s something of a tradition across Asia to organise pre-wedding photo shoots, and it’s a trend that’s growing in popularity with Western couples as well – especially those that are travelling to destinations like Thailand to host their wedding celebrations. It’s common for couples to organise their photo shoots in stunning locations, like the beach or in tropical landscaped gardens. However, Max and Mint’s foodie adventure shows how some couples aren’t afraid to break the mould and organise a photo session that truly reflects their personalities and their relationship.

Couples that work closely with Thai wedding planners to put together their celebrations are at a distinct advantage when it comes to putting together a photo shoot to remember, as these professionals have the local knowledge and contacts to make it happen. In addition to knowing all of the best local photographers, they will also know plenty about the most spectacular – or even unusual – destinations to organise a quirky wedding photo shoot.

If you’re getting in married in Koh Samui or Phuket, for instance, then you’re spoilt for choice in terms of the photo shoot settings available. Each of the islands has everything from white sand beaches and emerald jungle, to traditional Thai markets and quaint Chinese shop houses.