Musical Wedding Day

Submitted by CLX-view on August 29, 2016

When you’re getting married in one of Thailand’s stunning private villas, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate music into your big day.

Music performs a variety of functions on the wedding day, from setting a romantic mood as the bride walks down the aisle, to getting the guests off their seats and onto the dance floor later on.

As it plays a crucial part in curating the right ambiance through the day, it’s an important element to think about when you’re at the planning stages of the event.

Couples hosting a wedding in one of Thailand’s villas are spoilt for choice when it comes to live music, as the Kingdom is home to an eclectic mix of professional performers who can be hired for weddings. Here are some ideas on how to use music to set the mood on your wedding day.

Wonderful Welcome

Before guests even head down to the beach next to your private villa for the ceremony portion of the celebrations, they’re walking in to the wedding venue. First impressions count, so why not have some music on to set the right atmosphere and ease guests into the party mood? Many of Thailand’s finest villa rentals come with their own top-of-the-range sound system which can be hooked up to a playlist on your computer or iPod and be played in every room of the property. Whether it’s a little bit of Ed Sheeran or some quirky jazz, welcoming your guests with a warm, musical ambience is an easy box to tick.

Setting the Romantic Mood

Next up is the ceremony itself. While this may be a casual affair for some couples, many will want to set a romantic, heartfelt mood that reflects the significance of the event. As your guests walk down to the beach to settle in for the ceremony, consider hiring a professional acoustic guitarist to welcome them. The gentle tinkle of notes in the background will be a wonderful complement to the soothing lapping of the ocean waves, highlighting the true wow factor of the entire setting. Couples could even liaise with the acoustic guitarist in advance if they have a particular song the bride would like to walk down the aisle to.

A Bit of a Swing

Once the wedding feast and speeches are over, introducing a little lively music to the celebrations can be a great way to prevent guests from feeling drowsy following the large meal. What better way to bring a little festivity to the proceedings than with a professional swing band? A talented group will really know how to get people onto the dance floor, and half an hour of fun tunes will have the atmosphere crackling with excitement. If you and your husband- or wife-to-be were planning on a first dance, you could even rehearse a swing dance routine in advance to impress your friends and family.

Rock n’ Roll Wedding

For rock n’ roll couples, Thailand is home to a number of professional musicians, and a good wedding planner will be able to hook you up with the right performers to really connect with your big day. Setting up a rock performance on the sun terrace of your private villa will be another fabulous way of bringing guests together on the dance floor around the pool. Liaise with the band in advance so they put a few of your favourite anthems on their set list.

Hey Mr DJ

Everyone loves the disco portion of a wedding day, and this is often when guests truly let go and have a good time. If you’re planning on hiring a DJ to entertain guests with some tunes, then they could set up inside the private villa or outside on the pool deck or beachside lawn. One beauty of many of Thailand’s high-end villas is the seamless flow of space between indoors and out. This means that guests can enjoy a good boogie under the stars, and never be too far away from the bar in the villa’s living area.



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