Let Them Eat Cake

Submitted by CLX-view on February 6, 2017

A wedding cake provides a stunning focal point for many of today’s nuptials and the traditions behind this glorious creation can also be incorporated into the celebration.

Whether you fancy a stunning buttercream-frosted creation festooned with decorative embellishments, or a sleek and simple cake with an elegant minimalist appeal, there’s no doubt that your cake will be one of the main focal points on your wedding day.

As well as providing something for guests to nibble on, the cake’s main role at a wedding celebration is largely symbolic. There are plenty of traditions that have evolved around this sweet sensation, and you can incorporate them into your tropical wedding in Thailand.

Whether it's the significance of the tiered design or the personalised colours you choose for the icing, a wedding cake says more than most people think about the couple they are and the one intend to become.

Below are a few sweet wedding secrets.

Medieval Customs

The whole idea of having a cake at your wedding can be traced back to medieval times. The cake would typically take pride of place at the reception and many sweet creations still act as a centrepiece today as much as they did back then. In medieval Britain, the cake would have been made from wheat and thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility. In addition to the main cake, a selection of other baked goodies were piled high into a mound. If the bride and groom were able to kiss over this mountain of cakes and snacks, it was seen as a good sign for their marriage.

Working as a Team

If you are having a cake at your wedding, then one of the main moments (and photo opportunities) of the day will be when you cut it together. This traditional moment is something that features in most couples’ wedding albums, and traditionally represents the first activity the bride and groom take on as a couple. Once the bride and groom make the first slice, most couples leave the rest of the cutting to the caterers so they can get back to the party.

Providing for your Loved One

Another tradition that has evolved around the wedding cake is when the bride and groom gently feed each other a small, delicious bite of the sweet treat. This romantic moment is meant to symbolise how the new husband and wife will continue to provide for one another throughout their marriage. However, many modern couples also use this as a chance to inject some comedy into their wedding reception by pushing the cake into their loved one’s face.

Anniversary Celebrations

Many wedding traditions are linked with the christening of the bride and groom’s first child, and saving the top tier of the wedding cake is one of these rituals. This tradition has developed so that many couples now save the top tier to eat on their first. Not only does this provide a wonderful opportunity to look back on the beautiful memories of your wedding day, it ticks all the dessert boxes when your special first anniversary comes around.

Colourful Traditions

While today’s wedding cakes come in a gorgeous plethora of hues, traditionally these towering desserts were decorated in white icing only. As well as being the first bride to popularise the white wedding dress, it was Queen Victoria who also started this trend in England. Back when the royal wedding took place, white was a symbol of money and high social standing. Today, brides tend to get a lot more creative when it comes to decorating the cake. Couples that get married in Thailand, for instance, often choose to have a beach-themed cake to match the stunning ocean view setting of the celebration.


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