Latest Wedding Trends Suit Thailand

Latest Wedding Trends Suit Thailand

Destination Weddings Travel Group recently published its annual trend report for 2016 – an examination of what’s hot in the world of weddings right now. According to the report, Thailand remains one of the true gems of the global destination wedding industry.

“When couples take their wedding on the road, they can uncover savings throughout many points in the planning process,” says Richard Calvert, CEO of the Destination Weddings Travel Group. “Even those who aren’t necessarily seeking to trim expenses will find that they have extra room in their budget for upgrades and add-ons to enhance their experience,” he said.

Thailand is a perfect of example of the value offering – particularly for those couples who have planned to host their big day in one of the country’s private holiday villas. Islands like Koh Samui and Phuket are home to a wide array of luxury properties that are perfect for brides and grooms-to-be that want to plan a truly bespoke ceremony that reflects their own personal tastes and requirements.

One of the trends revealed by the report is that a growing number of couples are seeking to incorporate unique elements into their weddings and to transform the whole day into a truly personal experience. Another notable finding revealed by the report is that the average destination wedding hosts just 28 guests.

For such intimate celebrations, a wedding hosted in a private property within a luxurious gated estate in Thailand is perfect. Many of the larger rental villas boast as many as eight bedrooms, so are able to accommodate plenty of guests.

According to the report, single guests will stay in the destination of choice for an average of four days, with couples remaining for an average of seven. Another interesting factoid noted by the report is that couples that opt to celebrate their nuptials in a ceremony that takes an average of 11.6 months to prepare.

Those that organize their wedding in Thailand can work alongside a dedicated wedding planner in the run-up to their big day. Wedding planners in Thailand not only help with the legal side of the arrangements, but also have wide range of contacts from florists to caterers that couples are able to tap into.

Other trends unveiled by the report include the shift to locally-sourced foods for the wedding feast and Thai cuisine offers some of the world’s best-loved dishes, with a feast of sweet and fiery flavours and high-quality fresh produce to please all guests.

A growing number of couples are also incorporating tech into their wedding celebrations, including 3D printing of decorations, jewellery and party favours.

According to the report, the average cost of a destination wedding remains under US$10,000. The average outlay for accommodation comes in at US$2,048 for the entire trip and the average cost of flights is $1,127.