Helping Couples Find Photographers

Helping Couples Find Photographers

Whether you’re planning a wedding in your home country or overseas, finding a photographer who is skilled enough to capture every special moment can be one of the biggest challenges leading up to the big day.

Many couples getting married in destinations like Thailand rely on a wedding planner to source a photographer, but hands-on couples that want to get involved in the planning process often spend hours trawling through websites trying to find suitable candidates.

If they find someone at home to take the photos, couples then have to fly them out from their home country, while the other option is to hire someone who lives closer to the destination where the wedding is taking place.

This was exactly the the dilemma that faced Singaporean couple Scott Ng and Eve Law when they were planning their wedding on Bali, which inspired them to create a new online platform called OneThreeOneFour that connects couples with photographers in a range of destinations across Asia.

“In practice, you typically find photographers in Singapore and fly them over, to Bali, which can be very costly. We thought we would just hire a photographer there, but that wasn’t easy either because we didn’t know anyone,” said Scott. “Also, the photographers who were already on board would often recommend that their friends join them,” added Eve.

As a result of their experience, the couple set up a service to vet photographers in advance of listing them and their website has also been developed to protect the payments couples make to their chosen photographer.

“Payment made upfront won’t be transferred to the photographers immediately – that will only happen after the photo shoot, so clients can feel at ease knowing their money is protected,” said Eve.

The site already boasts 1,200 users and a network of 130 photographers from 15 destinations, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea. Some European and Australian photographers are also registered.

“For most couples this is something new,” added Scott. “The most common practice has been to fly your photographer there [to the location], so hiring a local photographer is something they are not used to yet.”


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