Girls’ Night In

Submitted by lex on April 30, 2014

A chick flick marathon is a great way for brides and bridesmaids to wind down in the lead up to a wedding day, particularly if they are staying in one of Thailand’s luxurious private villas.

It’s the night before your destination wedding. To avoid a hungover wedding day from hell, you and your bridesmaids opt to spend the night relaxing in the sumptuous surroundings of your private villa.

What better way to spice the evening up a bit than with some mouth-watering nibbles, a movie marathon and a whole lot of laughs? A chick flick marathon is a fun way to spend the evening with your nearest and dearest ladies, particularly when you’re watching carefully selected wedding movies that will make you even more excited about the big day to follow.

Here’s some inspiration on the best wedding-themed movies to choose…

Always the Bridesmaid…

It’s no Romeo and Juliet, but 27 Dresses is one of the funniest wedding chick flicks out there and a great one for the girls to watch together. Katherine Heigl plays Jane, the pretty best friend who always stars as the bridesmaid at her friends’ weddings – never the bride. However, when Jane’s sister gets engaged to George – the man of Jane’s dreams – sparks really begin to fly. The plot thickens when Kevin, a journalist interviewing Jane about her role as the perennial bridesmaid, transforms this complicated love triangle into a love square. We’re not going to give away the ending, but rest assured this movie is well worth watching if you like a few giggles.

Mamma Mia!

If you can stomach Pierce Brosnan’s monstrous singing voice as he chokes out a rendition of Abba’s “SOS”; there is no better movie to get you excited about a wedding in the sun. Set on a sunny Greek island, the plot of this Broadway adaptation focuses on the relationship between Donna, played by Meryl Streep, and her daughter Sophie, who is tying the knot to a very tanned and luscious-looking Dominic Cooper. A whole host of Abba hits are woven into Sophie’s quest to discover the identity of her biological father in time for her wedding day. This feel-good movie is guaranteed to have you and your bridesmaids singing, dancing and shrieking with laughter.

What Not To Do

There is no better movie to watch with your bridesmaids than… Bridesmaids. The plot focuses on Annie, the long-time “bestie of the bride” who is responsible for arranging a whole lot of wedding activities in her role as maid of honour. Unfortunately, Annie is plagued by a run of extremely bad luck which forces the bride to question her choice of bridesmaid. Possibly the ultimate wedding disaster movie, it may be a good idea for bridesmaids to watch this as a guide of what not to do during the run up to the big day!

Wedding Crashers

Not really a chick flick, but certainly a wedding movie that guarantees a whole lot of laughs. Comedy duo Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan play two party-hungry guys that crash weddings as a way to meet new women. This works well until they crash the high profile wedding of the US Secretary of State’s daughter and fall in love with two of his other daughters who are bridesmaids at the ceremony. Whether you enjoy the blossoming romance between Wilson and co-star Rachel McAdams or the wild courtship of Vaughan and Isla Fisher, this is an un-missable wedding movie.

Tear Jerker

If raucous comedy isn’t your thing, why not go in for something a little more romantic as a prelude to your wedding? Based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveller’s Wife falls into the same tear jerker love story genre as Titanic and The Notebook. The plot focuses on the relationship between Clare and Henry, who has a rare genetic disorder that means he randomly travels through time. This proves to be a little bit of a problem on their wedding day, but the overall message is one of the great love that can exist between a husband and wife.




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