Fashion-forward Grooms in 2017

Submitted by CLX-view on May 16, 2017

This year’s hottest trends for grooms are perfect for gentlemen that want to showcase their style at a destination wedding at a private villa in Thailand.

The groom is the man of the day, so it’s important for him to stand out – especially when he’s standing next to his beautiful bride.

However, it’s still important for grooms to choose an outfit that reflects their own sense of style. Comfort is also key, especially if the wedding is being hosted in a warm, tropical destination like Thailand.

If you’re holding your wedding in one of the Kingdom’s luxury villas, it’s even more important for the outfit to match the luxury of the sophisticated surroundings.

From suit colour to quirky accessories, below is the scoop on the latest “groomswear” trends for this year.

Splash of Colour

When it comes to tailored suits, the spring and summer catwalks have been ablaze with colour – specifically gorgeous jewel tones ranging from deep purple to rich emerald green. Burgundy in particular is set to become the hue of choice for many stylish grooms across the globe this year. While these colours mark a significant move away from the traditional blues, beiges and greys, they are per perfect for fashion-conscious gentlemen who want to make more of a style statement on the big day. And what better place to make such a style statement than in the lavish, elegant surroundings of a private villa?

Tweed Experiments

Tweed has long been a popular choice for weddings, especially for grooms that want to retain a sense of tradition in their ensemble. Three-piece tweed suits are particularly popular. However, a full tweed getup might be a bit warm for grooms tying the knot on a Thai beach, which is why this year’s trend to pair tweed jackets and waistcoats with casual chinos for a more relaxed look is a winner. We’re seeing more and more grooms experiment with different fabrics and colour combinations, and this particular trend is one that translates wonderfully to tropical weddings by the sea.

Braces are Back

If you thought the trend to accessorise your wedding day ensemble with braces (a.k.a suspenders in North America) was over and done with, you were mistaken. Braces are a wonderful addition to a formal outfit – especially for beachy weddings in a private villa where the setting is a bit more relaxed. They’re ideal to soften your suit style, and a jacket can still be worn in the ceremony if you’d rather retain a totally formal look during this part of the day. Get your groomsmen to accessorise with matching braces and you’ll enjoy some fabulous photo opportunities, too.

Form-fitting Suits

It’s not just brides that might chose to slim down in advance of the wedding. Thanks to the growing number of celebrities rocking slim-fit suits on the red carpet at high-profile events, we’re seeing more and more grooms across the world do the same. A sleek, form-fitting suit is perfect for gentlemen who are on the slimmer side. There’s still a range of ways to personalise this look to suit your own personal style as well.

Beach Threads

For beach weddings in the tropics, one of the most important things to think about when selecting your outfit is the temperature. That’s why we couldn’t write this blog without mentioning linen suits – the style staple for stylish weddings that take place in balmy temperatures. Linen will help keep you cool and fresh in the heat, but still looks formal and stylish too – it’s really the perfect balance. You could even lose the tie as well, if you’re aiming to create a more relaxed look for when you’re saying your vows.


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