Engagement Gifts for Couples

Submitted by CLX-view on May 3, 2016

If one of your friends or loved ones is planning to tie the knot, why not buy them something to celebrate the cherished days leading up to their wedding?

The precious period between a couple’s engagement and their wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in a relationship.

Whether the engagement will last one year or several years, it’s certainly worth celebrating, so when one of your friends or family members reveals they will soon be walking down the aisle, a gift is definitely called for.

From wedding planning scrapbooks to countdown calendars, there are plenty of pre-wedding gifts on the market – even for the bride and groom who seem to have everything already.

Below are some ideas for inspiration.

Precious Keeper

If your friend doesn’t often wear jewellery (or more specifically, rings) she (or he) may not have her own special ring holder. An engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most precious items they will ever own, either in terms of value or sentimentality. It therefore makes sense for them to have a stylish ring holder to keep the engagements band safe when they are not being worn. Ring holders come in a plethora of unique shapes, sizes and designs, so it will always be possible to find one that reflects your friends’ or relatives’ personalities.

The Right Words

If the bride and groom are planning to write their own vows, a cute his and hers vow ideas book is the perfect place for them to record ideas. A small but attractive vows notebook is also the right size to tuck into a bag and pull out to jot a few ideas down whenever inspiration strikes. For couples struggling to find the right words, you can suggest they go back to the site of their first date, take out a pen, and write down whatever words come to them in their vows book.

Ideas Tracker

An increasing number of couples are heading to exotic destinations like Thailand to get married they often engage a wedding planner to make all the arrangements before the big day. That said, it is still important for a bride and groom to have their own scrapbook so they can create collages, mood boards and make copious notes detailing exactly what they want on the big day, which makes such a book an excellent engagement gift. Whether the book features a range of fabric swatches for bridesmaids’ dresses or magazine clippings of menu ideas, the mood board will also become a treasured reminder of all the pre-wedding excitement.

Counting Down the Days

For brides and grooms that just can’t wait and until their big day, a block-style countdown calendar is the perfect gift. A reminder that sits on their dressing table or kitchen shelf where everyone can see it is also much more fun to update every day than a reminder that pops up on a mobile phone. It also adds a sense of anticipation to the planning process, reminding the couple that no matter how stressed the preparations make them, the fabulous event that results will be well worth it.

Memories are Forever

An engagement journal is the perfect gift for brides and grooms that enjoy writing. Whether they are type of people that keep a personal journal of not, encouraging them to start one that records all their thoughts and emotions in the run-up to the big day will create a treasured book of memories to look back on. Writing is also a highly therapeutic process, so couples that are feeling anxious about their wedding can release all their worries onto paper.



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