Destination Weddings Become Personal

Destination Weddings Become Personal

Packing your bags and jetting off to a tropical destination has long been a growing trend amongst brides and grooms across the world and the degree to which wedding celebrations in places like Thailand can be customised to suit individual tastes is increasing all the time.

Luxury villas on islands like Koh Samui and Phuket are growing in popularity as wedding venues, not only because of their stunning locations and facilities, but also because they offer couples the freedom to try out the latest wedding trends.

One of the wedding trends expected to take 2016’s celebrations by storm is the addition of a speciality bar. A growing number of couples are setting up specialised cocktail bars that focus on their favourite flavours and spirits. Those that love tequila, for example, can set –up their own speciality margarita bar with an array of personalised cocktails for guests to try.

Thanks to the expansive private outdoor spaces on offer in many of Thailand’s private villas, they provide the perfect venue for such custom additions and some of the more luxurious villas even have their own bar ready to set up by the pool.

In terms of the wedding food, sweet treats are definitely high on the menu priority list in 2016 and although many brides and grooms are still opting for the traditional wedding cake, many are also choosing to set up sweet treat tables packed with pastries, cakes tarts and other sweet fancies for the guests to nibble on once the savoury courses are over. Once again, a private villa is the ideal space to set up a dedicated sweets area for guests to pick at throughout the afternoon and evening.

On the techy side of things, 3D printing is giving weddings a whole new element to draw on. Couples can now print whatever they want, no matter the shape or size, and 3D printed cake decorations are predicted to be big this year as brides and grooms look to include increasingly personalised touches on their big day.

When it comes to entertainment, karaoke has exploded in popularity at weddings over the past year and is set to continue its winning streak throughout 2016. Karaoke sessions are a great way to get all the guests involved, whether little ones are singing their favourite Disney hits or grandparents are crooning their favourite classic tunes. Many of Thailand’s most opulent private villas boast high-tech audio visual sound systems, and offer the perfect setting for a late night sing-a-long.



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