Dancing on the Ceiling

Submitted by CLX-view on July 19, 2016

Stunning overhead decorations can transform your wedding venue from an attractive setting to a place that’s simply unforgettable, especially if it happens to be a private villa.

Wedding decorations are one of the easiest ways for brides and grooms to inject their own personalities into their personal celebration. So there is no reason to stop at elaborate centrepieces and back of the chair embellishments when it comes to wedding décor.

Hanging overhead features and adornments can add a wonderful dreamlike quality to your wedding venue, bringing a wonderful splash of colour and visual appeal.

Couples getting married in one of Thailand’s already attractive private villas are free to personalise their décor theme as much as they like, and with the help of a team of villa staff its easy to add a little overhead inspiration.

Below are a few ideas to get the creativity flowing from above.

Light Up your Life

One way to light up your wedding day is to introduce some form of fairy light display to the décor. Whether that comes in the form of an elegant overhead canopy of twinkling illumination or cascading gems of light that fall from the ceiling down the walls, is up to you. Fairy lights are a popular adornment in Thailand  and therefore come in all shapes and sizes. It’s possible for the actual fittings to make a statement as well as the arrangement that you decide on. Strings of larger bulbs can evoke a vintage effect, while smaller gem-like lights will boost your wedding’s fairy tale factor. Whatever you decide on, you can guarantee that a scheme of this nature will make your wedding day feel truly magical once the sun sets.

Boho Beauty

If you don’t fancy hanging floral arrangements or colourful pom-poms from the ceiling of your private villa in Thailand, embroidered hoops provide an effortlessly chic, bohemian alternative. Each wooden hoop is finished with beautiful fabrics of the bride and grooms choice, so there are plenty of opportunities to add both colour and texture to the decorative theme. From floral lace to plain blocks of colour, the world is your oyster. If you know someone who is a dab hand at needlework, you could even get them to personalise the embroideries with special “Mr & Mrs” messages.

Wish upon a Star

Gazing up at the starry night sky with your loved one is probably one of the most romantic activities possible on your wedding night. In order to re-create this uber-romantic feeling in your wedding day décor, you can consider hanging shining stars from the ceiling of your wedding venue. There’s lots of room for personalizing this theme as well, incorporating glittery stars for an ultra-glamourous look or shining gold and silver stars if you wanted something a little more metallic. These 3D creations will fill the skies of your wedding reception with magic, bringing some unforgettable wow factor that your guests will remember at many weddings that follow.

Creative with Colours

If you’re planning to include your own decorative theme on your wedding day, you’ve got a golden opportunity to get playful with colour. Paper lanterns are a super-simple way of taking your wedding’s visual appeal up a notch, and if you want yours to be extra attention-grabbing than incorporating a rainbow of different hues could be just the way to do it. From warm orange shades to bright, zesty greens, we love how this bride and groom haven’t been afraid to go bold with their colour choices and create a décor theme that makes the best use of their venue’s vaulted ceiling.

Get Crafty

For crafty couples that fancy making their own wedding decorations, hanging origami mobiles could be the smart route to take. Once again, there’s plenty of room for personalization and couples can choose to hang larger lantern-style mobiles or cute strings of little birds that cascade down around guests. If you’d rather make smaller origami mobiles, you can make each mobile offer a different paper creation. For example, if you’re both animal lovers you could incorporate a range of different colourful creatures hanging down over each dining table.



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