Celebrities Choose Thailand For Exclusive Honeymoon

Celebrities Choose Thailand For Exclusive Honeymoon

Celebrities have long favoured Thailand as a tropical location for destination weddings and romantic honeymoons. Actors, TV stars and famous bloggers are amongst the A-listers who have chosen to the Land of Smiles for a romantic wedding getaway.


Celebrity Chef Sophie Michell is the latest to join the famous names on the Thailand guest list. In her career, she has been private chef for Hollywood stars such as Claudia Schiffer and Leonardo DiCaprio. The UK-based chef is now known for her eclectic cuisine, using quality ingredients and focusing on nutritional value.


Michell tied the knot last year in the UK, but Sophie and her partner always had their sights set on Thailand as a honeymoon destination. The chef recently spoke about her honeymoon in an interview with the UK edition of Hello! Magazine.


“Thailand has been somewhere that I’ve wanted to go for many years, partly because I love Southeast Asia so much, and partly because we spent some time in Bali when I was a kid, so it was definitely a priority for me when it came to choosing a destination for our long-awaited honeymoon,” she said.


The couple were too busy to take their honeymoon following their wedding in August 2016 due to upcoming food festivals.


“When this two-week honeymoon [in Thailand] finally came, it was kind of a great mixture of relaxation and adventure for us,” she said. “We did things like Thai boxing and yoga, and Eoin loves surfing so we did a lot of that. We went around the food markets and had a lot of street food, which was great as well – the flavours are so much more exciting, strong and interesting out there.”


In fact, the culinary offerings of Thailand unsurprisingly emerged as one of the more memorable aspects of the entire honeymoon.


“I love cooking and I do cook almost every night, on top of all the events and work pop-ups – but I didn’t miss it when we were out there,” she said. “We ate all the classics, proper Thai food done well, so pad Thai, tom yum etc. I also ate deep fried insects at the local market – I thought I’d give them a go in the name of being adventurous but I wouldn’t necessarily go for that again!”


The couple spent their romantic vacation in a private villa within Phuket’s luxurious Trisara Resort. “Having our own private pool there in the villa and being able to swim out at sunset topped it for me,” said Sophie. “The whole vibe of having the amazing, balmy fresh air – you can’t beat it really.”


Destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui are home to a number of standalone and estate-based private villas, which are growing in popularity as both honeymoon havens and wedding venues. Facilities including private pools, expansive living areas and direct access to the beach give them the edge for many brides and grooms searching for the perfect tropical wedding destination.