Bridal Show Hits NYC


It may not be in Asia, but brides across the globe are getting excited as New York City gears up for International Bridal Week in October.

Held at Pier 94, the show is packed with hundreds of exhibitors representing all aspects of the wedding industry. In fact, when it launched in 2010 the Bridal Show re-invigorated the industry by providing a convenient platform for brides-to-be to engage with specialists on a personal level, while shopping for essential items for their big day.

Bridal trade shows have since become an ideal window for couples in need of a little extra inspiration while planning their wedding, and the New York show has been extremely well received, continuing to expand its reputation on the world stage.

Despite New York’s cooler climate, the Bridal Show offers up a whole host of ideas for couples holding their weddings in the tropical climes of Thailand. In particular, the wide selection of high-end accessory and dress designs offer a glimpse of the trends and ideas most likely to dominate weddings worldwide in the year ahead.

Those putting together a vintage-inspired wedding, will be particularly inspired by exhibitors such as Tiadoro Jewellery, which produces everything from elaborate earrings to exquisite head-dresses featuring a selection of glittering diamonds and pearls. Amalee Accessories also offers up a sweet selection of be-jewelled treasures, particularly if for those in search of a special something to make the bridesmaids glitter.

The Bridal Show takes place from 11-23 October and is expected to draw a large international following because it meets the specific needs of those in search of high-end, upscale bridal lines.