Bespoke Wedding trends

As the European summer draws to a close, wedding experts across the globe are reporting that this year wedding ceremonies were even more sophisticated as couples seek to personalise their celebrations.

By incorporating different aspects into the food, location, décor and clothing, brides and grooms are planning ever-more unique celebrations that introduce an extra element of fun and fascination to the day, in addition to visual excitement.

According to Brides Magazine, many couples are personalising their décor and party favours by introducing monogrammed labels. Monogrammed stickers on welcome bags and party favours can tie-in with the colour theme of the day, and heighten the overall sense of individuality.

Some couples are also personalising their decorations by introducing elements of their family history. One bride is reported to have fastened her grandparent’s first house key to her bouquet as her “something old”. Other couples have also incorporated family photographs into their décor theme as a way of making their loved ones feel closer to the "specialness" of the day.

Another trend that has echoed across Europe and the US in this summer’s weddings is the use of indoor furniture for outdoor ceremonies. Sofas, armchairs and cushions offer wedding guests a more comfortable way to enjoy the ceremony, as well as creating a more relaxed atmosphere. According to experts, the idea of an al fresco living room is also likely to catch on with couples choosing to marry in warmer climates this winter, where the kind weather is much more predictable than in Europe.

Emerging trends from wedding menus in summer 2013 have also reflected more personalisation to suit the unique tastes of the bride and groom. Miniature appetizers and desserts are also growing in popularity because they give guests the chance to sample a range of tasty treats. The presentation of these miniature morsels also introduces a stylish visual element to the gathering.

Wedding experts also report that many couples are now opting to employ the services of a cocktail mixologist in the run up to the big day. Hand crafted drinks with a creative blend of flavours are a welcome surprise for guests and according to Brides magazine, a number of couples have chosen to name their new tipple in honour of nicknames or jokes that their guests can also appreciate.

In terms of wedding fashion, observers and commentators report that a growing number of brides are moving away from ultra-modern styles to embrace simple, classic ensembles and attain more of a timeless feel.

Brides are also bringing back the tradition of changing into a “reception” wedding dress in honour of previous generations who changed into a “going away” outfit at the end of the celebrations. The revival of this tradition not only means the bride has the opportunity to select two wedding dresses, but also that she can choose something a little easier to dance in for the post-ceremony celebrations.