Bejewelled, Bedazzling Brides

Submitted by CLX-view on July 5, 2016

The perfect necklace can set of a bride’s wedding gown to create a beautiful blend of colour, texture and shine.

Choosing the perfect wedding gown can be hard enough, but selecting the perfect accessories to complement it can be a major challenge in its own right.

The neckline of a bride’s gown plays an important part in determining what necklace to wear on the big day, whether she’s buying something completely new or planning on wearing a treasured family heirloom.

Jewellery – particularly necklaces – can become a way of expressing your statement style on the big day, so it’s important to choose something that highlights the fabric and embellishments on your gown.

Below are a few suggestions to help you sparkle without becoming too bling.

Strapless Gems

Brides that choose a destination wedding in warm countries like Thailand often opt for cool, strapless gowns. The best thing about choosing a dress with this kind of neckline is that you are left with a wealth of choice when it comes to selecting the perfect necklace to complement it. Delicate chockers in translucent beads and crystals can work wonderfully, or a striking drop necklace may be more to your taste. This stunning choker necklace shows how a relatively understated accessory can go a long way when it comes to flattering a strapless dress.

Highlight your V-neck

V-neck gowns can be a little more tricky to work with when it comes to jewllery, as you don’t want too much going on in the same area. Many brides opt for this cut of gown in order to draw attention to the chest area and create shape and curves. The key to flattering this cut is to repeat the shape of the neckline, which can easily be achieved with a pendant or locket necklace. It’s important to ensure that the pendant you choose sits at the optimum length for your gown – about 5cm above the point of the “V”.

Keep it Simple

Sweetheart necklines make an eye-catching statement all on their own, so it’s important to choose a necklace that doesn’t crowd out the detail in the dress. To keep things sleek and simple, consider a delicate choker necklace that sits around the base of your neck. Alternatively, a simple gold or silver chain with a short drop could work very well. Remember to match the embellishments on your dress to the necklace, whether than means opting for diamonds or pearls.

Glamourous Statements

If your dress comes with a high neckline, such as a bateau gown’s neckline, then you might have to take a completely different approach when it comes to selecting the perfect necklace – that’s if you want to wear one at all. Depending on the height of the back of your gown, you may prefer to don a necklace where the chain drapes elegantly down your back rather than your chest. This can bring an exquisite final flourish to vintage-style gowns, while highlighting the backless effect of the dress at the same time.

Wealth of Choice

Like strapless dresses, frocks with a simple scoop neckline leave you a lot of space to make statements with the right necklace. Obviously, it’s important to work within the parameters of the embellishments your dress already has, but this could be the perfect opportunity to insert a splash of colour into your wedding day ensemble. Dramatic multi-strand offerings in pearl, gemstone or crystal can work fabulously well, as can delicate Y-shaped necklaces or even pendants. The warm colours of a multi-strand offering can also be used to set off the bride’s hair and makeup.


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