Active Couples Choosing Thailand as a Unique Wedding Destination

Active Couples Choosing Thailand as a Unique Wedding Destination

Thailand’s legendary ‘Running of the Brides’ event took place in April, bringing together 250 couples with winners of the 2.4 mile race awarded US$28,000 to plan their fantasy celebration.

At the finish line it was 29-year-old Sirada Thamwanna and 27-year-old Sittichai Prasongsin that claimed the prize, a couple previously struggling to raise funds to afford their dream wedding.

“We were planning to get married anyway, but there were a lot of things just not falling into the right place,” Ms.Thamwanna told the local press after the race. “This event came at the right time and my groom persuaded me to keep going to the end.”

The “Running of the Brides” event is an example of how Thailand is fast becoming a global hub for fun, personalised weddings. A growing number of brides and grooms are looking for the chance to take part in similar events, and the previous month’s underwater wedding ceremony in the Thai province Trang is also proving increasingly popular as couples take wedding fun to the next level.

As more couples from across the world travel to enjoy fun Thai wedding vibes, the country’s international hotels and resorts are also ramping up their wedding offerings. A rising number of couples are also choosing the more personalized experience that private villas offer.

In addition ta luxurious range of private facilities – swimming pools, expansive living areas and landscaped gardens to name a few – many of Thailand’s high-end private villas are situated in spectacular locations, often with beach access or glorious ocean views. The Kingdom’s most opulent properties also come with their own teams of staff to help host weddings, offering a high level of tailored services to guests.

As part of their wedding and honeymoon holidays, many brides and grooms also seek to make the most of the exhilarating island activities places like Koh Samui and Phuket offer. Scuba diving, cycling and hiking are among the top activities for active brides and grooms. For those staying in a private villa with beach access, kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkelling are also popular activities with newly-weds who want to enjoy the best of what Thailand has to offer.