5 Blissful Bouquets

Submitted by CLX-view on February 15, 2016

The bride’s bouquet is every bit as personal as the rest of her wedding ensemble, so it’s important she selects blooms in an arrangement that suits her style.

Brides have been carrying bouquets down the aisle since ancient times when elaborate bunches of herbs were carried to ensure fertility and to ward off evil spirits.

For most modern brides, however, a pretty bunch of blooms is used to inject a little extra femininity into the wedding ensemble and make her look that much more wonderful.

From elaborate cascading bouquets to tightly composed Biedermeier bunches wired into a lace collar; brides are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting an arrangement that complements the overall theme of their wedding.

Below are a few bright ideas, with some alternative arrangements thrown in for good measure.

Nod to Tradition

Taking a personalized approach to your bouquet transforms a pretty bunch of buds into a keepsake you can treasure forever. If you’re going for an elegant, traditional look consider tying your bouquet with lace or embellishments made from the same material as your veil. For brides getting married on the beach in Thailand, a round nosegay bouquet is perhaps more practical than a sweeping shower bouquet that might get whipped around by the sea breeze. To make it extra special, personalize it with lucky charms and trinkets such as brooches, pearls or miniature lockets. Some brides even pin on tiny pictures of their lost loved ones so they can be a part of the day as well.

Rustic Beach Bride

If you’re going for a rustic beach ceremony as opposed to anything elaborate, a bouquet of simple, local blooms will do nicely. In Thailand, orchids and frangipani are fabulous choices, and to embellish the bouquet with a little extra decoration, you can tie them up with thick brown string or burlap for an instant injection of chic. While this may seem an incredibly simple way to jazz up your flower arrangement, it’s worth noting that sometimes the simplest ideas are those that will infuse your ceremony with a fresh, individual twist.

Dreamy Destinations

Couples hosting their wedding in exotic destinations like Thailand often choose to make the tropical setting a central theme for the celebrations. If travel and holidays is the main backbone of your wedding décor theme, why not carry this right through the floral bouquets? A handmade arrangement of paper roses crafted from recycled maps is an ingenious way to weave a travel theme through the ceremony. You could even make each rose up out of maps depicting places that have played a special part in your relationship. For example, you could include a map of the place you met, where you first kissed and Thailand, where you’re finally tying the knot.

Fun & Games                                        

Boost the festive, summery feel of your wedding by opting for uber-fun pinwheel bouquets instead of a traditional flower arrangement. Not only will these brightly coloured little windmills look fabulous spinning in the sea breeze, they will also be a sturdy souvenir that you can take home and treasure forever. If you’ve got any young flower girls or bridesmaids, they could also carry their own pinwheels for a little bit of extra fun. Brightly coloured ribbon ties will add an extra splash of colour to your bouquets if you want to achieve a rainbow of a celebration.

Bookworm Brides

Literary couples that want to incorporate their favourite readings or written passages into the ceremony don’t have to wait until their vows. Crafty brides can create their own paper flower bouquets – all made up of the leaves that mean so much to them. Whether its pages from a beloved novel or sheet music from a meaningful song. This is also a clever idea for green couples that want to recycle rather than splashing out on flowers that won’t last more than a few days.


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